What's In My Make Up Storage - Part Two

I hope you liked Part one of this post and as promised here is part two which goes through the other three drawers in my make up storage boxes which I did a post on last Monday.

Top Drawer
This drawers contains all my lip products so lip sticks, balms and everything in between. I have used an old glossybox to place all my smaller products in and then the chunky ones have gone at the front of the box to keep them more organised and to look less messy although I'm not sure it's worked!

Middle Drawer
All my travel items are in here as well as my perfumes, right at the front my perfumes are all squished in so it's easy for me to grab one give it a spritz and go. In the Hello Kitty case is all my perfume minis and rollerballs as I prefer to have them all in one place as there small and tricky to find but also out of my main travel bag so they don't smash and get into all my beauty products. In the Grey Hello Kitty Case is my travel mini's and beauty bits to take away on holiday, it's running a little low so I will have to make a splurge purchase next time I'm in town!

Bottom Drawer
The 'junk' drawer which is filled with my many moisturisers and then the rest is junk. I have so many cotton pads there's enough to keep me going till Christmas and then I have enough moisturisers that I can probably keep going till the Christmas after that!

I do hope you have enjoyed this post, let me know all about your make up storage and what you prefer?

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