What's In My Make Up Storage - Part One

On Monday I showed you my new make up storage and I have finally got it sorted to how I want it so I thought I would give you a little tour and show you what's in each of the drawers. This is a part one/two post as it would be a little to long to put into one post so on Monday 25th part two shall be going up.

Top Drawer
In the top drawer I store all my make up bits so my everyday make up and my going out or extra make up bits I don't wear daily. I have them in three make up bags so I can easily locate everything and keep it all nicely organised. My everyday bag is my Hannah Maggs bag which is a lovely floral design is has all my summer/spring make up pieces in, the Zoella bag contains my going out stuff so my MAC items and my palettes, while the Disney bag contains smaller items for eyes which I use occasionally but not everyday.

Middle Drawer
The middle drawer contains all my hair bits and pieces which fit nicely into the drawer although I have far to many hair sprays and products so it does look crowded. Each of the sprays and bottles I use at different times so the sprays all need to be kept even though there's so many, I use the Superdrug own brand as an everyday essentials and then I use the Blow Pro items if I fancy a change or I'm doing a nicer hair style that day and then lastly if I'm going out I use all the other products to really protect my hair and to create hair styles which need that extra bit of hold.

Bottom Drawer
This drawer contains all my nail varnishes and I seem to have quite a lot, they almost filled my drawer and only left a small space at the front for my clippers and files, my nail varnish remover has to lay on top as there was little room! The reason there at the bottom is so the drawers don't fall over as there quite heavy when there all in one place so I've place them right at the bottom to keep the drawers in one place.

Keep a look out for part two in three days!

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