What's The Deal With Measles

I never thought I would have to write up a post about a viral infection but here goes, over the last week I have been suffering with measles which is a highly infectious viral illness. I thought I would be ok as I have had a MMR vaccination but as we moved a lot of kids I never quite got round to having the booster so jump forward a few years and hello measles!

The first signs of my illness was a rather bad cold which I brought cold/flu tablets for and took them for three days before my rash made an appearance. I had a blocked nose, sore throat, deafness in my ears and a temperature so sky high I was passing out, but as soon as I took the tablets I was able to get a little better and felt back to normal after three days which surprised me a lot. I must admit when the rash started I thought I had had an allergic reaction to the miracle tablets and cried at one point, but the first two days it just stayed as a small rash that didn't panic me to much.

On the 6th day or 3rd day of my rash I woke up to a head to toe deep dark red rash which made me call the 111 number within minutes of being awake. I spoke to such a helpful person who took all my details and asked me some health questions before asking me why I was calling which made me feel safe and secure, after giving my symptoms and a little chat she told me it was measles and gave me all the right details so I could get started in making myself feel better.

So a week into my illness I have a head to toe rash which is itchy but not to bad but does need some scent free cream applied to every few hours, a sore throat and very sore eyes, as well as a temperature. I am however able to get up and move around like normal although I am banned from leaving the house due to be so contagious (sorry work!)

Some helpful tips -

  • Don't wear a bra or anything tight fitting, this will rub on your skin and make it uncomfortable
  • Take paracetamol to keep your temperature down
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Don't go near any children or babies, warn everyone that comes into contact with you
  • Don't rub your eyes and it will cause conjunctivitis
  • Have plenty of naps and keep your energy levels high
  • Try to avoid light as it can be painful to the skin and eyes
  • Even if you feel better stay indoors and don't spread the illness 

I wanted to do this post to help people who may be worried about this illness as I wanted to let you know it's going to be alright. Yes when you read articles online that scare the bloody hell out of you it may seem bad but it really isn't to much to freight about. However please if you are a mother with children or your child get's this illness call 111 immediately. If this post has made you feel icky them I'm sorry but it was something I feel needed to be shared.

Have you suffered with measles before, how did you cope? Now I must dash I have a booster appointment to make!

Jess X

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