Superdrug Style Expertise Volume Spray

Superdrug is a brand that I always seem to get a hit and miss vibe from, I love using the brand as they have some great prices on items that I love to buy but for me it's a buy three good items and one of them will be bad. So I went into my local branch to pick up a hairspray and came out with the wrong product as I had picked up a volumising spray instead, as I was already home I decided to try it out and see if I would get along with the product.

The packaging is simple and eye catching as the whole range is in the teal coloured bottles with simple writing which I like a lot as they have a lot of products to choose from if you fancy having a matching set out on display you can. It's a simple to use spray bottle and it comes in a 150ml bottle, it also has a new label on but I'm not sure just how new this product is.

The scent is strong kind of like when your in the hairdresser and they spray the hairspray on and it's so strong you end up choking, that's pretty much the scent which I don't mind but I do have to air my room after using. I find the product comes out very light and mists over my hair rather then going on to thick and being unmanageable but it's also a nice build able spray so I can go quite thick and still have soft looking hair.

However for me using this product there just wasn't any volume as it just soaks into the hair creating a hold rather then a volumising effect. It does however work really well as a hairspray which is good as that's what I wanted with this purchase, another big however though as when it comes to brushing this product out it's a nightmare my hair was left really tangled and knotty which made getting the spray out impossible leaving me to doing a intense treatment on my hair.

So it's a very hit and miss product doesn't do what it says on the tin and works well as a hairspray but only if you want impossible hair in the morning. What are your thoughts on this product?

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