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Over the last few months I have been moving my make up all around my room trying to find the right area and right type of storage for it, from a bookcase to under my bed in drawers it didn't look right or wasn't easy to get to. So I started to look online and browse other bloggers storage before settling on some white plastic drawers which are on the same line as the Alex drawers but a quarter of the price.

I picked up two slim drawer carts from Argos for £12.99 each and £3.95 postage which is a great price to pay for such good storage. They have three large drawers and come with wheels so you can easily move the drawers, the assemble process was so simple I could of easily allowed my seven year old brother the put them together and he would of got it right first time.

I have all my make up, hair products and body products in the drawers and they fit nicely against the other furniture in the room. In order to see what's in the drawers I have cut out some make up bits from magazines and put them on the boxes so I can easily locate products or if anyone wants to mooch they can. The space in the drawers really surprised me and the fact I have been able to fit everything in has impressed me a lot.

So if you are after some storage that is purse friendly and looks pretty good I would highly suggest picking up the Argos Slim Drawer Cart Item Number 17186291. What kind of storage do you prefer for make up?

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  1. I definitely prefer acrylic storage, that way I can see where everything's at ;)

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog