How To Deal With Summer When Your Curvy

I've never really done a blog post on being curvy or overweight before apart from my monthly weigh ins and how my diet is going, so today I wanted to do a post of dealing with the summer sun and being overweight. As I'm currently in the middle of my diet my dress size is now 18 but I have gone up to a size 22 and last year I was that size so I feel like I can give a few good tips on dealing with the summer stresses.

For me fashion has always been one of those you have to be skinny in order to wear nice clothes but recently I have had a more healthy attitude of buying clothes that suit my figure and not given a rats ass if there brightly coloured or shape me. I was always one to wear black and hide behind my clothes but as I'm typing this post I'm sat in a pastel green dress in the garden showing of my curves, I feel like I have grown to love my size so I'm able to wear pretty clothes. One great tip to getting to wear nice clothes is to not shop for a practical item of clothing as I would always do this and when it came to trying on I would come to terms with the fact it didn't suit curvy girls, so instead go for clothing that suits your shape try on as many things as possible and really shop about before making a purchase.

Another great product I want to mention is bike shorts which for me have been my life saver as being curvy means in the summer sun like most people I sweat and when I do my fat rubs in areas you don't want to know about and before I know it I'm to sore to even take another step. So if you want to wear dresses and skirts but don't want to feel the pain then pop on some bike shorts (the ones without the little saddle area) and away you go!

Swimwear for me has been a massive no go since my early teens and I still struggle to put on a bathing suit and make the first step into go to the pool or to the beach. So I normally at the swimming pool wear a costume that flatters me by trying on as many as I can and going for the ones that are especially made for curvy girls, I have a great one that covers me up but is also in such a nice print that I can't wait to get it on. At the beach a great way to get out in your bathing suit is to put on a cover up and slowly at your own pace reveal your swimwear body, if this means it takes you all week then so be it as long as you do it for yourself and don't feel pressured then it will come naturally.

My other concern when it starts to get hotter is the tops of my arms as I hate showing them off yet when it's really sunny I have no choice sometimes, so I go for top with capped sleeves which are sometimes a little smaller then normal sleeves but allow me to cover some of the area which draws people attention away from my flabby arms but doesn't cover them to much that I get to hot and bothered.

Also to help with dealing with the heat I tend to take out with me a small spray bottle of water which if I feel like I'm getting to hot and flustered I can just whip out my spray bottle and cool myself down without getting to bothered and drawing to much attention to myself. As well as that I will normally wear my hair up and out of my face with some really cute designs - plaits are very much in at the moment and I've been loving some of the designs I have seen in magazines and on some Youtubers.

But my last tip and the most important one off all is to be happy and enjoy summer, if you feel like you are being judged for being overweight or having curves then you need to say a big fat F you and pop on a great smile as curves are a fantastic thing to have shaping your body in all the right places!

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