April 2015 Favorites

I feel like I haven't done a favorite for ages so thought it was about time I share with you all what I've been loving. There is quite a mix bag of items I've been loving but there all really great products that are well worth the hype.

Superdrug Anti Frizz Serum
My hair this month has just had the biggest meltdown and has gone really uncontrollable so I've had to use my anti frizz serum almost none stop over the last few weeks but I've been loving the effect it has on my hair. It makes me hair feel softer and gives it a little bounce for when I'm having a bad hair day, it's unscented and is a gel like texture which you only need a small amount of as a little goes a long way.

S&G Clean On Me Shower Gel
I ran out of my normal shower gel earlier this month and found myself using up my Soap and Glory Clean On Me shower gel which was a great decision. My other shower gel is one from the Radox range and I love it so I normally don't replace it unless I have to but I had forgotten just how much I love the Clean On Me shower gel. It has a really nice scent which is over powerful and fills my bathroom while leaving me feeling clean and smelling sweet. I use quite a bit of the shower gel and find it lathers up nicely while leaving my skin feeling nourished and looked after which is perfect for the shower.

Barry M Quick Dry Nails
I got sucked into the new range from Barry M and it was the best purchase I've made this month as I've been reusing the nail varnishes over and over. As I only have two shades I've been alternating them each week and can't wait to get the rest of the range. They came in really adorable pastel shades and the dry time is amazing, I can paint my nails and they will be dry within a minute which really impressed me as well as the fact they last up to around a week on my nails before I need to re paint them.

TBS Early Harvest Raspberry Scrub
The Body Shop are my all time favorite brand they have a fab range of products and I was browsing the store around a month ago and in the sale found the Early Harvest Raspberry Scrub with smells so sickly sweet of raspberry's that I have almost ran out of the product one one month. It works really well on the skin to remove any dead skin and always leaves my skin really super soft. It's not one for someone who doesn't like strong scented products but for me it's spot on.

This self title album from the Irish singer Hozier has been listen to quite a lot this last month, everyone knows him for his much more rock like song 'Take Me To Church' but the rest of his album is really quite soothing and relaxing to listen to. It has been my go to album for when I'm having a stressed out day or need time to unwind and relax, I've really love his song 'Work Song' and have been loving this album the last month I can't wait to see what he brings out next.

That's it for this month let me know in the comments what you have been loving.

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