Geo Print Trousers

For me stepping out of my comfort zone with fashion doesn't happen a lot, so when I was in New Look browsing there Inspire range 18-32 sized range I spotted some trouser and thought I need them. But then I thought no there far to daring and with this print people will look at me and stare so I left the store. After a few days of thinking about them I just thought screw it I'm going to buy a pair but to my horror they were out of stock!

So I decided to do what I normally don't do and order them, I'm not a fan of ordering online as you never know the condition the product may reach you in or if they will actually turn up but New Look has impressed me a lot with there ordering service. I went in store and they took my details and payment and that was that, I got told 2-3 working days and they shall be here.

Collection Field Day Lipstick - Tulip

I've been wanted to get my hands on a matte lipstick for ages now and as I only own one from the brand MAC I wanted to go for a high street version to see the difference and to also see if it was just as good. So while I was in Boots I noticed the new Field Day range from the brand Collection, I had a little mooch and decided to go for the shade Tulip which only cost £2.99.

What's In My Make Up Storage - Part Two

I hope you liked Part one of this post and as promised here is part two which goes through the other three drawers in my make up storage boxes which I did a post on last Monday.

Top Drawer
This drawers contains all my lip products so lip sticks, balms and everything in between. I have used an old glossybox to place all my smaller products in and then the chunky ones have gone at the front of the box to keep them more organised and to look less messy although I'm not sure it's worked!

Middle Drawer
All my travel items are in here as well as my perfumes, right at the front my perfumes are all squished in so it's easy for me to grab one give it a spritz and go. In the Hello Kitty case is all my perfume minis and rollerballs as I prefer to have them all in one place as there small and tricky to find but also out of my main travel bag so they don't smash and get into all my beauty products. In the Grey Hello Kitty Case is my travel mini's and beauty bits to take away on holiday, it's running a little low so I will have to make a splurge purchase next time I'm in town!

Bottom Drawer
The 'junk' drawer which is filled with my many moisturisers and then the rest is junk. I have so many cotton pads there's enough to keep me going till Christmas and then I have enough moisturisers that I can probably keep going till the Christmas after that!

I do hope you have enjoyed this post, let me know all about your make up storage and what you prefer?

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What's In My Make Up Storage - Part One

On Monday I showed you my new make up storage and I have finally got it sorted to how I want it so I thought I would give you a little tour and show you what's in each of the drawers. This is a part one/two post as it would be a little to long to put into one post so on Monday 25th part two shall be going up.

Top Drawer
In the top drawer I store all my make up bits so my everyday make up and my going out or extra make up bits I don't wear daily. I have them in three make up bags so I can easily locate everything and keep it all nicely organised. My everyday bag is my Hannah Maggs bag which is a lovely floral design is has all my summer/spring make up pieces in, the Zoella bag contains my going out stuff so my MAC items and my palettes, while the Disney bag contains smaller items for eyes which I use occasionally but not everyday.

What's The Deal With Measles

I never thought I would have to write up a post about a viral infection but here goes, over the last week I have been suffering with measles which is a highly infectious viral illness. I thought I would be ok as I have had a MMR vaccination but as we moved a lot of kids I never quite got round to having the booster so jump forward a few years and hello measles!

Make Up Storage

Over the last few months I have been moving my make up all around my room trying to find the right area and right type of storage for it, from a bookcase to under my bed in drawers it didn't look right or wasn't easy to get to. So I started to look online and browse other bloggers storage before settling on some white plastic drawers which are on the same line as the Alex drawers but a quarter of the price.

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry - Full Throttle

I couldn't help myself and had to go back and pick up another shade form the Barry M Speedy range and this time I opted for the shade called Full Throttle which isn't really what I would normally go for but as it such a cute light orange shade for summer I didn't mind to much. You can read all about the other two shades I picked up here - Quick Dry Nails

Collection Speedy Blush

On a recent trip to Superdrug I went to pick up my concealer and noticed they had a selection of cream blushers in a stick form and as I have wanted to try them out for a while I decided to pick one up. I went for the shade 02 Cheeky which is a bright pink tone shade which looks great when blended correctly.

The packaging is simple and cute with the colour of the product matching the colour of the packaging which makes it easy to make a selection from the small range, it also has silver writing and a silver twist area which I really like as it makes the product stand out. The scent of the product is odd as it reminds me of crayons in a way which seems odd but as it works really well I haven't let it put me off the product.

Superdrug Style Expertise Volume Spray

Superdrug is a brand that I always seem to get a hit and miss vibe from, I love using the brand as they have some great prices on items that I love to buy but for me it's a buy three good items and one of them will be bad. So I went into my local branch to pick up a hairspray and came out with the wrong product as I had picked up a volumising spray instead, as I was already home I decided to try it out and see if I would get along with the product.

My Three Favorite Blog's To Read

I've seen this style of post going around online and keep meaning to do one so I thought for today's post I would share with you my three favorite bloggers. This is a great way to share the love and also to discover new blogs so I love reading the posts and finding new blogs to read.

How To Deal With Summer When Your Curvy

I've never really done a blog post on being curvy or overweight before apart from my monthly weigh ins and how my diet is going, so today I wanted to do a post of dealing with the summer sun and being overweight. As I'm currently in the middle of my diet my dress size is now 18 but I have gone up to a size 22 and last year I was that size so I feel like I can give a few good tips on dealing with the summer stresses.

For me fashion has always been one of those you have to be skinny in order to wear nice clothes but recently I have had a more healthy attitude of buying clothes that suit my figure and not given a rats ass if there brightly coloured or shape me. I was always one to wear black and hide behind my clothes but as I'm typing this post I'm sat in a pastel green dress in the garden showing of my curves, I feel like I have grown to love my size so I'm able to wear pretty clothes. One great tip to getting to wear nice clothes is to not shop for a practical item of clothing as I would always do this and when it came to trying on I would come to terms with the fact it didn't suit curvy girls, so instead go for clothing that suits your shape try on as many things as possible and really shop about before making a purchase.

April 2015 Favorites

I feel like I haven't done a favorite for ages so thought it was about time I share with you all what I've been loving. There is quite a mix bag of items I've been loving but there all really great products that are well worth the hype.

Superdrug Anti Frizz Serum
My hair this month has just had the biggest meltdown and has gone really uncontrollable so I've had to use my anti frizz serum almost none stop over the last few weeks but I've been loving the effect it has on my hair. It makes me hair feel softer and gives it a little bounce for when I'm having a bad hair day, it's unscented and is a gel like texture which you only need a small amount of as a little goes a long way.