Tips On Hair Growth

For the last year now I've been growing my hair and have gathered quite a few helpful tips on the way so today I thought I would share with you some helpful tips on hair growth. My hair used to be just above my shoulders and very short this had been my style for 6 years and I was now bored with it, so I may the decision to grow my hair just below my boobs and have almost got to that length now.

My hair is very thick and has been thinned in the past I also have a off centered parting and at the moment it is it's normal hair shade. Over the years I've dyed it a lot and have damaged it quite a bit so for me my hair is now at it's best and I'm pleased with it's condition. To keep it like it is I also think it's important to start with the basic and find the right shampoo I use Dove's 2 in 1 which works well for me keeping it clean and also not weighing it down. As well as washing my hair twice a week I do a treatment using keratin to keep my hair soft and nourished.

So the basics are out of the way now onto some tips my main one being try to not damage your hair, so no hair dyes and no blow drying. If you do want to dye your hair my main thing would be to condition the hell out of it before and after dyeing to make sure the hair stays in great condition. Blow drying is ok if you find the right hair serum and protector, you want one which you can feel it's done good to your hair - I use the Blow Pro hair range and love it as my hair always feels soft and healthy after using the hair dryer.

Another great tip is to not pull or tangle the hair to much and that normally happens when brushing my hair to early, so I normally wait until my hair is almost dry before brushing out the knots this way you won't pull on the hair to much. You can also use a detangling spray when coming out the shower as this will help with not pulling to much on the roots, but do be careful on the brand you go for as you don't want to much product in the hair as this will weigh it down.

Something I did quite a bit when growing my hair was to get the ends trimmed every few weeks which may sound odd when growing your hair but it help to get rid of the split ends which caused me to pull my hair and it also made my hair look healthy which I think is important in growth as you don't want to get half way through and fall out of love with the length and just think it would be easier to just cut the hair.

There's a lot of odd tips and tricks running about online but the one I've found most useful and that actually works is to wash your hair as little as possible, so I won't wash it daily but every other day which has helped a lot. But another one is to massage the scalp which is not only a nice thing to do but it also helps the hair to be thicker and grow quicker which has helped me a lot.

I hope this post has given you a few tips and a nice look into my hair care routine, Let me know if you have any great tips in the comments below!
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