Stress Relief

I've been dealing with anxiety and stress since my teens and sometimes I have days when it all gets to much and I need some relief. So when I was out shopping I came across some Stress Relief tablets and thought I may as well give them ago, a pack of 60 is available from Body Shop for around £3.

The tablets are all natural and include Hop Stobile, Valerian and Passion Flower for temporary relief from mild anxiety and stress. As they are a herbal remedy they do smell really strong and almost make me gag when taking one but it is so worth it. I get an nice calming feeling once I take one and I always feel happier and my mood is always improved which makes me a nicer person to be around.

I know that the tablets are only a temporary fix and I would never use them daily only for when I'm feeling low but for anyone who suffers with stress or anxiety I would urge you to buy a pack and see how you feel after a month of using them. I have informed my doctor and he explained it's a great product as it doesn't contain and scary ingredients and it has a positive affect on my mood.

I wanted to do this post today to encourage people to try out a new product which could help them out but if you do need to chat or get anything of your chest you can always email me -

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  1. Oooo sounds interesting, must give them a try x