Spring and Summer Lookbook

This summer I have decided to go out of my comfort zone and really make an effort with dressing up and dressing for my figure, most of the week I'm in work clothes which are really not that flattering. So I hope you enjoy this post - please note is it a tad bit photo heavy!

The Dresses
I am a bit of a lover of dresses and have a few that I wear none stop when the sun comes out, I suit more skater style dresses and love to accessorize with cute pieces of jewelry and adorable summer bags.

Jeans in Summer! 
Yes I'm that girl you see sweating it out in jeans in the summer my main reason is my legs as I most certainly do not love them I tend to hide them. I love to pair my jeans with really cute and girly tops - denim on denim is very in right now and wearing a denim top with a pair of jeans is really cute. I will also be wearing my two favorite skirts which even though there black they are a really light materiel and work nicely in the summer sun.

Pastel Tops with Florals 
I am a sucker for pastel tops and light girly shades in the sun so this year I shall be over wearing some of my favorite floated light and bright tops with my jeans and skirts. I love tops which don't stick to my tummy and show off my lumps and bumps so most of my tops are very big and floaty.

Accessorize The Hell Out Of It
I tend to go a little OTT with adding bits of jewelry and a cute bag or that must have blazer with an outfit and love to layer in spring so here is a look at all the bits I shall be getting out this Summer.

So there we go, I do hope you enjoyed this post and if you have a similar one then link it below so I can take a look. What's your favorite outfit choice?
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  1. Love that wee pink bag, very cute and perfect for spring :)
    Gill xx EyelinerFlicks

  2. So many pretty items! Love that red-ish colour blazer. :)