Spending Time At Home

Sometimes I confuse my friends as I say I'm going home and they always think I mean my house where I live but I actually mean back to Birmingham. I grew up and lived there for 16 years before moving to a small and odd place called Banbury, to this day if people ask I still say Birmingham or Oxford is where I live as I have never accepted Banbury as my hometown even after living here for 7 years.

This weekend I spent the day at my favorite park growing up called Lickey Hills which is a park and woodland area with a cute little tea shop and place to learn all about nature. Growing up my mum would always say let's go to Lickey Hills and I would love to go and walk the 100 steps or the mile walk to Barnt Green, knowing that after I would be rewarded with a half hour play on the park.

So taking my little brother was a real treat and seeing him walk the familiar route and seeing his reaction to the newly blossomed bluebells was a really nice experience. But to share this with both my mum and my nan was even more special as I got to see them witness my brothers joy and it was a really nice happy day, the cake at the end in the tea shop was also a bonus but seeing my brother play where I use to and see the things I saw as a child was a really nice happy experience.

I hope you enjoyed this post and enjoyed the pictures of the day, let me know below in the comments your favorite place to go which brings back your childhood memories.

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