Rimmel BB Cream Matte Review

For summer I wanted to find a BB cream as last year I wore my foundation and my skin looked awful, so browsing in my local Superdrug I came across the Rimmel range and was drawn in by the shade being very light. As a pale skinned girl finding the right foundation/make up can be a nightmare but for me finding a very light BB cream was like Christmas had come early.

As it's a BB cream it advertises the fact in can do 9 things from minimising pores to evening skin tone there's a lot this product claims to do. For me I wanted a foundation to cover my skin but still be light enough to wear in summer without making my skin look awful, and so far so good. The product goes on light and thin while still covering all my spots and problem areas which really impressed me, it also suits my skin tone really well as it's a really nice light yellow toned shade of cream.

The product tends to last me around 6 hours which is pretty good and as it has a matte effect it goes on really well but maintains the matte look until the end of the 6 hours which I thought was a helpful effect to have for summer as I shall more then likely be a hot mess. The packaging is really handy as it's a small tube of 30ml and fits nicely in my make up case, the lid is a simply twist off and squeeze out the product which is good as the cream is quite runny so I feel the need to place it onto my hand before applying to my face and having that kind of lid helps a lot.

I've been using my tube for around 2 weeks now and have around half the product left so it's a bit off a quick user meaning I will have to repurchase this every month, this can be annoying as it all adds up and I may as well just buy a new foundation but it is a really great buy and I feel like it's worth the £6.99 each month.

Have you had any luck with BB creams or do you just stick to foundation?

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