Product Empties March 2015

Over the last month or so I've had a lot of products I've used up and feel like I ought to do a product empties post to let you know if the products are any good and if I'm going to be buying them again.

The Body Shop Mango Scrub
The scent of this product is my favorite aspect as it is really fresh and fruity making me want to use the product over and over. The texture is dry and really scrubs into the skin well removing any dead skin and making it easy to buff the area. I've loved using this product and had the intention of buying a new one but when I went into the store I noticed the Early Harvest Raspberry scrub and picked up one of those instead. The product is £13 for a large tube and around £6 for the mini.

Sanex Dermo Sensitive Deodorant
This is the first deo that I have tried from the brand Sanex and I was really impressed, as I have really sensitive armpits I have to go for ones that don't harm my skin but they tend to be not as good as other brands. However this deo works well for keeping my sensitive down and keeping me smelling fresh throughout the day, I'm really impressed with this product and shall be picking up a new one as there only around £2 in stores like Bodycare.

MAC Natural Radiance Serum Sample
I've never got a sample from MAC before so I was really surprised to get one in my bag on my last visit, the sample I got was Natural Radiance Serum to put under my foundation to help keep it in place longer. I was impressed with the product as it went on well and soaked in nicely while holding my make up in place all day, however for me the price is a little to much and I find my MUA serum works just as well so sadly I won't be purchasing the full sized product but do recommend it.

Sally Hansen Moisturising Polish Remover
I've always raved about this brand of polish remover and always love how it removes the nail varnish off my nails and keep them in such great condition. It has a mild scent and it doesn't take to much of the product to remove nail varnish off my nails so for me this is my favorite brand to go for when buying a new polish remover, at only £2.49 it's a great buy that I shall be repurchasing.

Dove 2in1 Daily Care Shampoo and Conditioner 
I love this shampoo and conditioner as it works so well at keeping my hair clean and soft while being such a quick and easy to use product. The scent is fresh and stays in my hair all day while I only need a small amount of the product to create a really thick lather to wash my hair in, it's a really great product to use and only costs around £2 in Bodycare so it's one I shall be picking up again.

Sensodyne Rapid Relief Toothpaste
I've been using this brand of toothpaste for around 2 years now and always replace the toothpaste when I have run out as it works so well at keeping my teeth sensitive free and with a mint fresh feeling. I do find however it is a little expensive as a small tube cost £2.49 and that's from Bodycare I have however already replace the product as I love it so much.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish
It feels like I've had this little sample for ages and I'm pretty sure I have, the main reason being is that it's one I use and then kind of forget about. It works really well as cleansing and my skin feels great after but it's the kind of product you just forget to use and don't go back to. It is rather pricey but works great so it's worth the money you pay £26 but for me I just wasn't to over wowed so I won't be buying a new one just yet.

One Direction One Moment Perfume
This perfume was one of those buys I never thought I would make as I'm not the biggest fan of One Direction but they do make a brilliant perfume. I brought it ages ago around a year ago and have used it as an everyday perfume since purchasing it for around £25, it has such a nice girly scent and I always get compliments when wearing it but due the fact I have seven other perfumes on the go I can't buy a new one just yet however once I've got through a few more perfumes I shall be buying a new one!

So that's it for this post, what have you used up this month?
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  1. I love the body shop! I've never tried the mango one but I don't like mangos. Yeah I get what you're saying about MAC samples, I almost fell over backwards when I once got little mascaras and everything - like what?! Haha. x

    Dressed in the City ♥♥♥

  2. I'm totally the same with perfumes I have so many on the go it's crazy