Lush Unicorn Horn Review

I feel like I haven't done a Lush review for ages and if I'm honest I have been using so many of my old favorites that I've had no new ones to review, but luckily I picked up Unicorn Horn for my latest bath and decided to give it a review. It's a bubble bar and was released this year for the Valentines range costing around £3.25.

I was really drawn to this bubble bar in the shop as the shape was rather odd but the colours were really pretty and girly. It reminded me off My Little Pony and I love the added shimmery effect on the bubble bar, but the little stars were a real winner and I couldn't wait to pick one up. It's one of those products you wish Lush would bring out all year round and not just for Valentines day.

The scent is quite a musky deep flower scent which isn't my all time favorite but it does go quite mild in the bath leaving it with a rather subtle floral scent which I didn't mind at all. Crumbling it into the water was really easy as it's such a soft bubble bar so it was really easy to use and quite fun, it does have little added stars which were easy to crumble as well.

The water goes a lively bubblegum pink which I liked a lot and then water also had quite a lot of bubbles which impressed me. It didn't do much for my skin apart from leaving it a bit shimmery but I feel this was more of a shower then a doer, if you can get your hands on one then I would highly advise picking one up!

What's been your go to Lush product this week?

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  1. I really liked the look of this bar but was a bit disappointed that the water didn't turn more pretty! It smelt good though :-)

    Helen -