Lipsy London - Make Me Gorgeous Palette Review*

Lipsy London is a brand I've heard of but never brought from as I see them as more of a teenage brand and as I'm 23 I'm not sure I fit the right criteria for there make up range. But I won a palette in a recent giveaway and was quite excited to try out the product to see if it was just for teens or if I could pull it off myself.

The packaging is quite impressive with the product as it's a slim cd case sized palette which has a small tab to pull which opens up the inside to reveal the products which I thought was really cute and worked well. It has bright pop art style colours to show of the brand and has some eye catching illustrations which I thought was good but didn't really match the products on the inside of the box.

Inside you get two nude basic lip shades which work well for my skin tone and six eye shadows one is matte and the rest have a little shimmer, you also get an applicator to apply the product one end being a flat brush for the eye shadows and the other being a tip so you can apply the lip products. So overall there is a lot to the box and even though it's small there's quite a bit included.

The lip glosses are nude shades which seem to match my pale skin tone nicely and are quite creamy in texture for a gloss. They go onto the lips nicely and look quite sticky even though there a nice soothing feeling which sinks into the lips nicely. They lasted for around an hour on my lips before I felt the need to re apply which was quite awkward to get a palette out for some lip product but overall the lip gloss was a hit for me.

The eye shadows are highly pigmented and have a nice buildable coverage while still staying natural which impressed me. The matte shade is a really nude skin toned shade which works quite well as a base shade for the other eye shadows, the shimmery ones have enough shimmer to look nice on the lid without making it look like you have disco eyes. Overall they are a good buy and I can see why people like them.

So for me the palette was a great win and I can see why people enjoy the brand, so next time I see it in store I shall be checking out there other products as well!

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*I won this palette in a giveaway but all the words are my own and have not been influence. 

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