The Glam Guide - Book Review

Fleur De Force is one of the many Youtuber's I enjoy watching and I was extremely happy to hear about her releasing a book. There has now been quite a few Youtuber's to release books but this one I find is the most resourceful and best to read. The book is available from Waterstones and WHSmith as well as other book stores for a very reasonable price of £14.99.

The cover is beautifully design with watercolours running throughout the cover and some eye catching images, my favorite artwork on the cover is the rose gold writing and the added stars which make it that bit more personal to Fleur. You get a really simple low down as to what is including in the book on the back off the cover as well as some more cute images, not to mention some more cute stars in the lovely rose gold detailing.

Inside you will find ten sections to the book from Beauty to Health and Fitness and then finally Acknowledgements there is a section for everyone. She doesn't go into to much personal detail which is good as the book is about advice and she gives the best kind of advice in a simple and not to structured manner. For those who do want a bit more of Fleur's life she has included 3 sections which I think is very generous and makes the book feel a lot more special then a normal self help book.

She goes into great detail about certain products and give some great product recommendations off items she uses and loves. Included in the pages are little tips which are really helpful and good to know, but the best thing about the book is she gets to the point and doesn't overload you with to much detailing but still gets down the nitty gritty which I like a lot.

As well as beauty product tips she goes into detail of health and fitness and gives some great recipes that are easy to follow and are really healthy for you. I've tried a few out myself and couldn't off been happier with how easy they were as well as being tasty! My favorite section off the book is the travel section which I flicked through rather a lot as I defiantly have the travelling bug and with Fleur's tips I have learnt a lot.

For anyone who wants a book that gives you some great tips and gets to the point while still staying engaging then I would really recommend buying 'The Glam Guide' as it's well worth the read!

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  1. I don't really follow Fleurs YouTube channel but this book looks like it's got great bits on information throughout it. I might have a little look through it when I'm next in Smiths!