Spring and Summer 2015 - Nails

This year i'm going for very light and girly nails and thought I would share my top six nail polishes with you, floral is a pretty big trend this year so I wanted to match my outfits to my nails and have gone for a nice mixture of different colours so I have one for each outfit. I have gone for three brands which are all high street but all range in prices giving you all a nice mixture.

To start of I have gone with Topshop's Easy Peasy which is a lovely muted down grey shade to add a little bit of maturity to my nails and to mute down a summer outfit. I adore the Topshop nail varnish as they have a really great long lasting hold and don't chip as easy as some varnishes may do. It's also a really great summery shade to pull off and you can't really go wrong with this style of nails. Topshop also use a really great applicator as it's the small brush and not the over sized ones which get all over your nails, for a pot of Easy Peasy it will cost £6 which is a great price to pay for such a great product.

Next up I have chosen two of the nail varnishes from the Tanya Burr range 'Little Duck' and 'Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You'  I love the two shade's I have from the Tanya Burr range, they are both really bright and happy colours to go for and look great with any outfit. Little Duck is a gorgeous spring shade of light blue and goes on nicely with pale and light clothing, where 'Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You' is the perfect shade to brighten up any outfit with it's brilliant pop of pink. The applicator on this product is really thin so it's perfect for anyone who struggles to apply nail varnish and also stays on pretty well as well, I get around 5 days wear when wearing the polishes which is pretty good. To pick them up visit Superdrug and pay only £5.99 a great price for such summery shades.

Lastly I have three from the range at Barry M a great high street range to choose from as they have so many but I have gone for Bright Pink, Papaya and Prickly Pear. The Bright Pink shade is a lovely light pink despite the name, it goes on really light and spring looking which is always a good shade to go for as it adds a lovely pop or colour to any outfit and brightens up to nails, I find the normal shades last me around 3 days which is good for what you pay for at only £2.99.. Next up Papaya and Prickly Pear which are form the Gelly Hi Shine range so are a little more long lasting and last around the 5 day mark which is good if you are going away for a long weekend or don't have time to paint your nails, the shade are very bright and look like really fun shades to wear I tend to get a lot of compliments when wearing these shades, I also love the applicator again as it's a nice thin one so the nail varnish doesn't go everywhere. The price for the Gelly Hi Shine ones are only £3.99 so you are not splashing to much cash.

So that is it for my Spring and Summer picks, what will you be wearing on your nails this S/S?

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  1. This spring/ summer I'll be wearing some pastel shades. Atm I've got a dark berry shade on but wanna replace this with a lilac or light blue.
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  2. My first gel manicure of Spring I chose the brightest pink I could find and I love it. I think I'm gonna stick to really bright, bold colors. I love those Tanya Burr polishes. I don't think we even have those brands in the States!