Dove Daily Care 2in1 Shampoo and Conditioner

I'm one of those people that never stick to one shampoo and in fact right now there is three bottles in my bathroom cabinet all opened and half used. I think for me I get bored or find a new one which claims to be the best of the best and I need to try the product out, but then I found a new one from the range Dove and have fell in love.

It's a 2in1 shampoo and conditioner so it's just a simple one wash product that's quick and easy to use, I prefer the 2in1's as I am a quick shower person and this falls into my everyday routine nicely. It's a very lightweight and creamy kind of shampoo which goes on a lot smoother and lighter then most 2in1's, but once on it lathers all really well and I find I only need a small amount in order to get my whole hair covered in a thick shampoo lather.

It washes out nicely leaving my hair feeling squeaky clean and soft which I love, I find after towel drying and adding a hair serum my hair feels soft and knot free which is also a bonus. As I have a really sensitive scalp I have to make sure my shampoo works well so after using the product for a month now I can 100% confirm it works well for sensitive scalps.

It has a nice fresh soap scented smell and I have found the bottle to last a lot longer then most shampoos, so for me this 2in1 shampoo is spot on for what I need. At around £2.50 from Boots it's a bargain as well. What's your go to shampoo?

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