Do You Ever Wake Up Feeling Tired But Go To Bed Wide Awake

So here is another rambling lifestyle post which I'm still not sure I'm doing right but here goes, I'm currently sat not to sure if I'm awake or not because even after 8 hours sleep and forcing myself to go to bed at midnight as I just wasn't tired I'm sat here thinking I could easily go back to sleep which is silly as I've had 8 hours and need to do stuff! I feel almost jet lagged and I don't have a tan so I must have stay in bed all night, I'm thinking it's lack of water as all I've been drinking is fizzy pop so maybe a glass of water or milk before bed will help.

I've been rather busy this last month with visiting family and went to visit my sister in Hampshire which was a family fun day out to a Military Museum and to a garden centre. We had a great time and it was lovely to spend time with my sister and her naughty cat Caesar, I made the mistake of giving him Catnip which turned him into a devil cat!

I recently brought a bag from Primark and love it rather a lot even if I'm just going to the local shop and only need my purse the bag has to come as well. It's rather spacious and a lovely black finish with gold edging as well as being a double bag it's pretty damn perfect. Also new I have started to put away my winter clothes and get summer ready as spring is pretty much here and I can't wait to get back into summery pretty clothes, even if it means my bag won't match anything!

Growing out hair kind of sucks really doesn't it, my hair looks dull and has so many split ends that I'm thinking of shaving my head. But don't worry I have a hair appointment next week and I shall be trimming the ends and picking there brains (eurgh) for some advise on how to deal with dry and dull looking hair when growing it. I've also been doing some hair shopping - it's as fun as it sounds! I've been having look at hair styles for when I have fully grown my hair to see what style I would like to go for once I reach that point.

Well anyway that'a enough for this week, if anyone else does this style of post let me know so I can take a look to see if I'm doing it right for me it just feels like a diary!

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