An Updated Skin Care Routine

I did a post like this a while ago but feel like I have updated it enough to update you and feel like the products I use would be beneficial to others. My skin type is oily and I tend to use products to help with that or ones that work well even if they don't stay there for oily skin, I also have problems with spots so my product tend to be aim at for teenagers so this is a useful post for any oily skinned people or teenagers!

To start I cleanse my face with Bioderma cleanser which is a brilliant product to get rid of any make up or dirt on the face. I normally double cleanse to really get into my pores and to really strip away at anything on my skin, I find Bioderma is the best product I've use to take my make up off as it none scented and is quite pure it's not damaging for the skin. Next up I use my Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash which is perfect for anyone with spot prone skin as it's got Tea Tree Oil in it really works hard to get at the spots which I love, it is really strong scented but it does help to get at the spots and to clear the skin.

If I have any spots that I just think I need to get rid of it as soon as possible I will use my Benefit Boo Boo Zap but only on really bad spots, which I don't tend to get as I use the Face Wash which I find clears the spots nicely. But this is a brilliant product which clears to spots overnight and works extremely well, it is however a little harsh on the skin and I would recommend not over doing it with this spot treatment as it can be very damaging.

Now it's time for the moisturisng which is my favorite part as it help me to wind down and relax my skin the one I use is The Body Shop Vitamin E cream for all skin types. This cream smells lovely as it has a really relaxing rose scent and is quite a thick yet fast soaking product I find it covers my face with a few small dabs and sinks in nicely. Last but not least I use an eye roll on to help cool and revitalize my eyes I use the one form Simple as I know it won't contain anything to nasty or damaging and I know it will work well. It helps to cool the eyes and tightens them a little to make your eyes look fresh and awake.

Once a week I tend to use a face mask and I have two really great ones which I use a lot one of which is the Superdrug own brand mask which is an oil balancing face mask which a great mask for oily skin and for spot prone skin, as it is a fast soaking mask it's a really quick 3 minute rinse off mask which I love to use when I'm in a hurry but need a pick me up. I also use Superdrug own brand Witch Hazel mud mask which is perfect for spot prone skin and is a rather fun mask to use, as it soaks into the skin it's really easy to remove and make my skin look bright and really works hard on spots so I always grab this mask if I want a nice pamper evening.

So that's it for my skin care routine, let me know your favorite product to use daily?

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