March Favorites

This month has gone by so fast that my favorites are a little on the low side as I've not had a chance to use any products or really have a sit down and rest but I have got a few for you!

The White Company - Rose Candle
This is a rediscovered product as I haven't burnt this candle for ages but I wanted to use some up before summer hits and I won't feel the need to burn a candle. But after burning it for a few hours one day I found myself reaching for it over and over as it has such a lovely spring rose scent that fills the room. It's a really uplifting and fresh scented product that makes me feel sleepy, it's the perfect product to burn when I need a nice relaxing evening with a glass of wine and a chill.

Oil Balancing Face Mask
As I've had no time this month to have a nice sit down break I haven't really had a chance to relax and do a pamper night but instead I've been doing 10 minutes pampers which are great for quick pick me ups in the day. My skin has had some kind of breakdown and my oily face and become so oily I can bearly control it so the one product I've been reaching for is my Superdrug mask that controls oil, it's a fab 3 minute mask that really makes the skin look hydrated and fresh while fighting to keep oil at bay. I've been really overusing it this month and love it!

The Glam Guide
When Fleur De Force released a book I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and I was not dissapointed when I got one. It's a great read and has such good helpful hints so over the last month I've been reading it on my lunch breaks at work before getting home to try out some off the handy tips and tricks. It's a great read for any Beauty Blogger or even a Fashion one, it has a great section for everyone.

MAC Lady Danger
My plan was to use this product on nights out only but I've been reaching for it more and more over the last month as it's a great lipstick to wear when I need a pick me up as it looks fab. It is such a lovely daring red/orange shade that it suits anyone and look great when I'm having bad skin day or don't feel my normal self. I also get a lot of compliments when wearing the lipstick so I couldn't really leave it out of my favorites!

So that's it for this month, how about you what has been your go to product this month?

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Dove Daily Care 2in1 Shampoo and Conditioner

I'm one of those people that never stick to one shampoo and in fact right now there is three bottles in my bathroom cabinet all opened and half used. I think for me I get bored or find a new one which claims to be the best of the best and I need to try the product out, but then I found a new one from the range Dove and have fell in love.

It's a 2in1 shampoo and conditioner so it's just a simple one wash product that's quick and easy to use, I prefer the 2in1's as I am a quick shower person and this falls into my everyday routine nicely. It's a very lightweight and creamy kind of shampoo which goes on a lot smoother and lighter then most 2in1's, but once on it lathers all really well and I find I only need a small amount in order to get my whole hair covered in a thick shampoo lather.

It washes out nicely leaving my hair feeling squeaky clean and soft which I love, I find after towel drying and adding a hair serum my hair feels soft and knot free which is also a bonus. As I have a really sensitive scalp I have to make sure my shampoo works well so after using the product for a month now I can 100% confirm it works well for sensitive scalps.

It has a nice fresh soap scented smell and I have found the bottle to last a lot longer then most shampoos, so for me this 2in1 shampoo is spot on for what I need. At around £2.50 from Boots it's a bargain as well. What's your go to shampoo?

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Superdrug Anti Frizz Serum Review

As I'm currently growing my hair out I'm having to deal with issues I've not dealt with before such as split ends and dry hair. I've been getting it trimmed each month and making sure I use the right heat protection products but I was after a hair product to help me deal with my hair while I get it to the length I would like.

I went into my local Superdrug and wasn't sure what I was looking for so I asked one of the staff on shop floor who asked what my main concern was so after a chat she pointed my in the direction of the Style Expertise Anti Frizz Serum which comes in a 30ml bottle and has a handy pump which gives you a pea sized amount of product that works great for thick and unmanageable hair.

My main concern was my split ends and dry hair which sometimes gets frizzy at work and this product works really well for everything above. You will only need a small pea sized amount as anymore and it will make your hair look a little greasy so a little goes a long way but it has a really nice fresh scent to it and is really easy to use, just rub the product in your hands and then apply to damp hair before blow drying as normal.

After my first use I noticed my hair didn't have much frizz and was a little bit more moisturised so after my second application the next day my hair looked great and healthy which really impressed me. It also seems to make my hair look a little straighter as I have wavy hair it looks like I had style it that day but it was all down the the serum!

To pick up this great product it's available at Superdrug for £2.99, what is your favorite hair product to use?

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Barry M Quick Dry Nails

I spotted a great new offer in Superdrug on some new nail polishes from the range Barry M and thought I would check them out. It was a 2 for £7 on the new Barry M Quick Dry Nail Paint which for me sounds great as I'm always in a rush and the idea of having a quick dry nail polish is just up my street. I picked up two very summery shades and couldn't wait it to get them home and test them out, in the new line there are 9 to choose from.

The packaging is very cute and looks really quirky with it's finish line lid and classic glass bottle it looks really nice. The them behind the the new range is 'Speedy' so all the new paints have cute names like Pole Position and Kiss Me Quick which are the two I picked up, I love when brand bring out a new range and make an effort with the whole product.

The applicator is a little odd as it's a wide brush which I sometimes find hard to use as I get paint everywhere but this brush is flat and oddly enough it makes it easier to apply the polish to the nails without it getting everywhere. So even though it a large brush it doesn't seem to hold to much product and makes it easier to apply the product to the nails which I thought was a great feature.

The Pole Postion nail paint is a lovely minty green shade which looks great after two coats, it goes on really bright and looks really uplifting and great for summer. While Kiss Me Quick is a very cute girly pastel shade of pink which I adore, it just screams summer and looks so nice almost like a strawberry milkshake shade. All the nail paints in the range are very spring and summer themed which is a lovely breath of fresh air as I haven't really seen any good new releases from other brands this year.

Now then I'm sure you are asking whether or not it actually is a speedy quick dry nail paint and the most simple answer I can give is yes. It works amazingly and after two coats my nails where dry well within 3 minutes which for me is amazing. I air dried my nails for around 30 seconds after painting them and then did a small test and to my amazement it was dry which I was extremely impressed with, Barry M has outdone them selves with this product.

Did you pick up any of the new shades? What were your thoughts?

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The Glam Guide - Book Review

Fleur De Force is one of the many Youtuber's I enjoy watching and I was extremely happy to hear about her releasing a book. There has now been quite a few Youtuber's to release books but this one I find is the most resourceful and best to read. The book is available from Waterstones and WHSmith as well as other book stores for a very reasonable price of £14.99.

The cover is beautifully design with watercolours running throughout the cover and some eye catching images, my favorite artwork on the cover is the rose gold writing and the added stars which make it that bit more personal to Fleur. You get a really simple low down as to what is including in the book on the back off the cover as well as some more cute images, not to mention some more cute stars in the lovely rose gold detailing.

Inside you will find ten sections to the book from Beauty to Health and Fitness and then finally Acknowledgements there is a section for everyone. She doesn't go into to much personal detail which is good as the book is about advice and she gives the best kind of advice in a simple and not to structured manner. For those who do want a bit more of Fleur's life she has included 3 sections which I think is very generous and makes the book feel a lot more special then a normal self help book.

She goes into great detail about certain products and give some great product recommendations off items she uses and loves. Included in the pages are little tips which are really helpful and good to know, but the best thing about the book is she gets to the point and doesn't overload you with to much detailing but still gets down the nitty gritty which I like a lot.

As well as beauty product tips she goes into detail of health and fitness and gives some great recipes that are easy to follow and are really healthy for you. I've tried a few out myself and couldn't off been happier with how easy they were as well as being tasty! My favorite section off the book is the travel section which I flicked through rather a lot as I defiantly have the travelling bug and with Fleur's tips I have learnt a lot.

For anyone who wants a book that gives you some great tips and gets to the point while still staying engaging then I would really recommend buying 'The Glam Guide' as it's well worth the read!

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Spring and Summer 2015 - Face

For Spring and Summer I don't tend to change a lot in my make up but I do a lot of little subtle changes that make a massive difference in how my face and make up looks. I tend to brighten it up more and use a lot of natural and bright eye shadows to create a really fresh and bright make up look to get me through my day. I mainly change one or two things rather then my whole set as at the moment I'm happy with my foundation that it would be much more of a hassle to change the whole thing rather then a few smaller things.

My main change is my eyes I tend to stay back from the heavy eyeliner looks and dark eye shadows and go for lighter much natural looks. The one product I shall be overusing is the Lush Focus Eye Shadow Cream which is a fabulous green grey shade which matches my eyes perfectly making them look fresh and larger then normal. The cream formula is easy to use and blend and I find it has a great wear and long lasting effect on the eyes meaning I can happily apply in the morning and not have to worry about ti fading my the time I'm at work or an hour into lunch. I'm also loving my MAC RiRi Her Cocoa Palette which has some brilliant nude and natural eye shadows for creating a subtle look or a alternative smokey eye with no dark or dulling colours, as it's MAC is has a great long lasting effect and blends so nicely with the right brush.

To brighten my face with my normal make up routine I've added in a highlighter as I find it's the best way to add a lighten effect without going to white or looking to ghostly, the one I use is the Kryolan Cashmere Highlighter which has the smallest bit of shimmer in but blends so nicely with the rest of my make up I can't go wrong. It looks lovely in photos and bring out the best of my features when used right, it also lasts all day and doesn't fade or go cakey which I love.

Lastly a great way to brighten my face and look summer ready is changing up my blushers, in summer I opt for cream blushers and love Topshop's Head Over Heels and Revlon's Charmed Enchantment which are both brilliant blusher's which work well and blend in nicely into the skin, I find both have a great long lasting effect and seem to adapt well into my skin care and make up routine. Head Over Heels is a really bright orange shade which makes my eyes look fab while Charmed Enchantment is a really subtle pink shade which make me look slimmer so both have great quality's for the summer sun.

So that's it for what I'm loving this S/S , what will be the major change in your skin care?

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First Makeup Bag Essentials

Today's post is going to be a blog post on what to have in your first ever makeup bag, as a teenager I made some awful choices in makeup and would off loved to have found a post online on what to put onto my face and what your are suppose to buy. So in an attempt to help out some off my readers I've put together this post, it may not be the right information to give but it may be helpful to some people. I also want to point out I'm not stating an age as to when it is ideal to get your first make up set as it may cause some drama but I began to use makeup at around the age of 13.

Make up bag by Hannah Maggs

To start off you will need a moisturiser or a base to help keep your skin protected and to sheer it from the layer of make up you are about to apply to your face. You first need to find out what skin type you are and then work from that, I am oily so tend to go for oily controlled products but if you can't figure it out there are always products that are for all skin types. I would recommend Simple as a first moisturiser as they don't contain any harsh ingredients and work well on all skin types.

Next up you need to find a foundation and one that works well with your skin type again so for oily skin look for a matte foundation and for dry skin look for a dewy foundation. You will also need to find the right match to your skin and to do this you will need to test the foundation on your face a good spot in below the chin as placing it on your hand like most people doesn't actually work. I would recommend you go for the brand Rimmel which is a great high street foundation that has a great price range and a great selection of shades to choice from.

Make Up bag By Zoella 

If you are struggling with spots you will need a concealer the best one to go for is the same brand as your foundation so for Rimmel it will be the Wake Me Up or another great one is Collections Lasting Perfection concealer, both are a great liquid concealer which is easy to use and easy to blend. For spots I normally go for a warm tone to hide the spots going for a white or bright looking concealer will normally highlight the spot.

To keep everything in place and to add a bit of colour or to make a make up look matte you can add powder, again I would go for the same one as your foundation. This also helps to stop shine and oil coming through, this is the one product I would take to school with me to touch up my make up throughout the day. You can't go wrong with powder if you stick to a translucent one to just stop shine and to add a bit off coverage as this is a clear shade and doesn't add to much colour you won't find yourself going to dark.

Next up is eyes which for me I had a lot of problems with as I have almond shaped eyes I would get into a right pickle with what products to use and how to use them. I would stick to a simple mascara when buying your first one, nothing to fancy and nothing to expensive. If you have almond eyes and don't want to go to dark I use a brown mascara but if you have large eyes and won't to show them off then go for a black mascara. A great brand to go for is Natural Collections as it has no nasty ingredients and ins't to expensive but they still have a great range of mascaras to choice from.

Last up you will need a nice lip product to go with your new look and there are loads to choice from and it can be quite a daunting experiences picking a lip product. The best one to go with is one that matches the inside of your mouth which sounds extremely odd and weird but pout your lip and the colour you see is the one you should go with if you are picking a lipstick. Or there are of course lip balms to go with these are your best choice as you can wear them in school or to just add a small amount of colour to your lips, go for brands like Natural Collections and don't go for anything to bright and bold as you need to make small changes to your look to get used to it before you go for bright more grown up looks!

I hope this post was helpful to any teens you need some help when it comes to first make up buys! Let me know what you think.

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Spring and Summer 2015 - Lips

I'm back with another Spring and Summer post but this time for Lips, as I'm a massive fan of lip product and wear one everyday I thought I would share with you the ones which will be getting the most action over the next few months before we head back into winter. I have picked my top five products which range from lipsticks to balms and have a great selection of high street products all at affordable prices.

First up is a lip gloss from the Tanya Burr range and that's the Picnic in the Park one as it's the perfect summery gloss shade that goes with pretty much all outfits. I don't tend to wear many glosses as I don't like when my hair gets suck it in but as it's summer my hair is normally scrapped back into a high top bun meaning I can get away with it. The thing I love about the product is the scent as it's a lovely fruity scent which makes the product a lot more desirable, I also love the texture and how it almost moisturises the lips as well as the overall look off the gloss as it's a lovely summery pink shade. To pick one up there available in Superdrug at only £6.99.

Next up is a lipstick from the Topshop range and it's Ohh La La which is my most raved about dupe of MAC's Morange and I always love when Spring hits as I know I can whip this baby out! It's such a lovely shade of orange and makes the face look fab when it's being worn, I find it goes best with plain outfits and adds the right amount of pop to make the outfit look great. It's also a really nice moisturising and pampering product as it goes on so softly and really nourishes the lips which I always love. The lipsticks in Topshop cost £8 so are a little pricey but there really worth the price.

I will be mositrising my lips loads over the summer months so I have picked out one that I know works great and will keep my lips in perfect working order and that's Carmex . Which is a fab high street lip balm which is really strong and perfect for protecting sensitive lips in the summer sun. I love how it makes my lips really pampered and give them a nice nourished look while keeping them protected and safe against the sun, to pick one up there available from most beauty stores from around the £2 mark which is a great purse friendly price to pay.

Another great product to use to protect my lips is the Lip Roll On by The Body Shop I normally use this product when I'm after a lip product to protect my lips but also cool them down. As the little metal applicator is perfect for cooling and leaving the lips feeling soft in an instant. Last year I over used my orange one as the scent is lovely and fresh so this year i'm hoping they bring out some more and have new scent to try out as it would be a massive shame if they stopped doing them! To pick one up there only £4 which is a great price to pay.

Lastly I have gone for a product from the Sleek range and that's the pout polish in the shade Bare Minimum. It's a lovely barely there product which kind of plumps up the lips to add a little bit of colour and texture but doesn't do to much to make them look like they have product on which I love when I have a particularly bright outfit on or want a more down to earth basic look. The pots are really easy to store and great to have in hand bags and in summer i normally have at least one floating about in my bag, I find they nourish the lips quite well and smooths them out nicely while having a really nice scent about them, to pick one up visit Boots and buy one for just £4.49.

So that's it for my lip products, what one will you be lusting after this S/S?

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Spring and Summer 2015 - Nails

This year i'm going for very light and girly nails and thought I would share my top six nail polishes with you, floral is a pretty big trend this year so I wanted to match my outfits to my nails and have gone for a nice mixture of different colours so I have one for each outfit. I have gone for three brands which are all high street but all range in prices giving you all a nice mixture.

To start of I have gone with Topshop's Easy Peasy which is a lovely muted down grey shade to add a little bit of maturity to my nails and to mute down a summer outfit. I adore the Topshop nail varnish as they have a really great long lasting hold and don't chip as easy as some varnishes may do. It's also a really great summery shade to pull off and you can't really go wrong with this style of nails. Topshop also use a really great applicator as it's the small brush and not the over sized ones which get all over your nails, for a pot of Easy Peasy it will cost £6 which is a great price to pay for such a great product.

Next up I have chosen two of the nail varnishes from the Tanya Burr range 'Little Duck' and 'Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You'  I love the two shade's I have from the Tanya Burr range, they are both really bright and happy colours to go for and look great with any outfit. Little Duck is a gorgeous spring shade of light blue and goes on nicely with pale and light clothing, where 'Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You' is the perfect shade to brighten up any outfit with it's brilliant pop of pink. The applicator on this product is really thin so it's perfect for anyone who struggles to apply nail varnish and also stays on pretty well as well, I get around 5 days wear when wearing the polishes which is pretty good. To pick them up visit Superdrug and pay only £5.99 a great price for such summery shades.

Lastly I have three from the range at Barry M a great high street range to choose from as they have so many but I have gone for Bright Pink, Papaya and Prickly Pear. The Bright Pink shade is a lovely light pink despite the name, it goes on really light and spring looking which is always a good shade to go for as it adds a lovely pop or colour to any outfit and brightens up to nails, I find the normal shades last me around 3 days which is good for what you pay for at only £2.99.. Next up Papaya and Prickly Pear which are form the Gelly Hi Shine range so are a little more long lasting and last around the 5 day mark which is good if you are going away for a long weekend or don't have time to paint your nails, the shade are very bright and look like really fun shades to wear I tend to get a lot of compliments when wearing these shades, I also love the applicator again as it's a nice thin one so the nail varnish doesn't go everywhere. The price for the Gelly Hi Shine ones are only £3.99 so you are not splashing to much cash.

So that is it for my Spring and Summer picks, what will you be wearing on your nails this S/S?

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An Updated Skin Care Routine

I did a post like this a while ago but feel like I have updated it enough to update you and feel like the products I use would be beneficial to others. My skin type is oily and I tend to use products to help with that or ones that work well even if they don't stay there for oily skin, I also have problems with spots so my product tend to be aim at for teenagers so this is a useful post for any oily skinned people or teenagers!

To start I cleanse my face with Bioderma cleanser which is a brilliant product to get rid of any make up or dirt on the face. I normally double cleanse to really get into my pores and to really strip away at anything on my skin, I find Bioderma is the best product I've use to take my make up off as it none scented and is quite pure it's not damaging for the skin. Next up I use my Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash which is perfect for anyone with spot prone skin as it's got Tea Tree Oil in it really works hard to get at the spots which I love, it is really strong scented but it does help to get at the spots and to clear the skin.

If I have any spots that I just think I need to get rid of it as soon as possible I will use my Benefit Boo Boo Zap but only on really bad spots, which I don't tend to get as I use the Face Wash which I find clears the spots nicely. But this is a brilliant product which clears to spots overnight and works extremely well, it is however a little harsh on the skin and I would recommend not over doing it with this spot treatment as it can be very damaging.

Now it's time for the moisturisng which is my favorite part as it help me to wind down and relax my skin the one I use is The Body Shop Vitamin E cream for all skin types. This cream smells lovely as it has a really relaxing rose scent and is quite a thick yet fast soaking product I find it covers my face with a few small dabs and sinks in nicely. Last but not least I use an eye roll on to help cool and revitalize my eyes I use the one form Simple as I know it won't contain anything to nasty or damaging and I know it will work well. It helps to cool the eyes and tightens them a little to make your eyes look fresh and awake.

Once a week I tend to use a face mask and I have two really great ones which I use a lot one of which is the Superdrug own brand mask which is an oil balancing face mask which a great mask for oily skin and for spot prone skin, as it is a fast soaking mask it's a really quick 3 minute rinse off mask which I love to use when I'm in a hurry but need a pick me up. I also use Superdrug own brand Witch Hazel mud mask which is perfect for spot prone skin and is a rather fun mask to use, as it soaks into the skin it's really easy to remove and make my skin look bright and really works hard on spots so I always grab this mask if I want a nice pamper evening.

So that's it for my skin care routine, let me know your favorite product to use daily?

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Do You Ever Wake Up Feeling Tired But Go To Bed Wide Awake

So here is another rambling lifestyle post which I'm still not sure I'm doing right but here goes, I'm currently sat not to sure if I'm awake or not because even after 8 hours sleep and forcing myself to go to bed at midnight as I just wasn't tired I'm sat here thinking I could easily go back to sleep which is silly as I've had 8 hours and need to do stuff! I feel almost jet lagged and I don't have a tan so I must have stay in bed all night, I'm thinking it's lack of water as all I've been drinking is fizzy pop so maybe a glass of water or milk before bed will help.

I've been rather busy this last month with visiting family and went to visit my sister in Hampshire which was a family fun day out to a Military Museum and to a garden centre. We had a great time and it was lovely to spend time with my sister and her naughty cat Caesar, I made the mistake of giving him Catnip which turned him into a devil cat!

I recently brought a bag from Primark and love it rather a lot even if I'm just going to the local shop and only need my purse the bag has to come as well. It's rather spacious and a lovely black finish with gold edging as well as being a double bag it's pretty damn perfect. Also new I have started to put away my winter clothes and get summer ready as spring is pretty much here and I can't wait to get back into summery pretty clothes, even if it means my bag won't match anything!

Growing out hair kind of sucks really doesn't it, my hair looks dull and has so many split ends that I'm thinking of shaving my head. But don't worry I have a hair appointment next week and I shall be trimming the ends and picking there brains (eurgh) for some advise on how to deal with dry and dull looking hair when growing it. I've also been doing some hair shopping - it's as fun as it sounds! I've been having look at hair styles for when I have fully grown my hair to see what style I would like to go for once I reach that point.

Well anyway that'a enough for this week, if anyone else does this style of post let me know so I can take a look to see if I'm doing it right for me it just feels like a diary!

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Spring/Summer 2015 - What's Hot

I'm not a big fashion / beauty trend follower but this year's S/S trends actually look quite achievable and look quite easy to follow so I thought I would take you through the trends and let you know what I shall be attempting and trying out. Of course this is what I've just picked up reading through magazines and seen on tv so they may not actually be that big!

For fashion it's a good mix and there's something for everyone which is always good, the one I'm looking forward to the most is Floral. Floral is so easy to do and you can find so many different items and things to achieve a good floral look, I'm going to go down the route of a floral crown with a nice floral top or a floral skirt. Not sure I can pull off the next look which is Military as green is the one colour I can't seem to work or get along with, but military can be anything from white dresses or even a full on camouflage outfit! So I shall attempt to make it work somehow. Lastly for fashion Denim should be making a comeback (did it ever leave?!) but think double denim and cute jumpsuits and your on the right track, do I have the guts to pull of double denim though, maybe not. But I shall be wearing cute little denim dresses which I love in the summer as it looks so adorable with cute little sandals.

Onto beauty this years look is very minimal and bare think clean glossy faces with a bold statement lip and you have hit jackpot. I've noticed lots of looks with no mascara and little eye make up which is one I can't quite get my head around so I shall be doing a small amount of mascara only. But very peachy fresh faces are in with very little added so no blusher or bronzer which should be nice and easy to pull off. I'm also looking forward to blog lips and I can get MAC's Morange out and Topshop's Ohh La La which I can not wait for!

So S/S 2015 is very basic and very fresh colours which is going to look great when the summer sun hits, what trend will you be following this year?

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