WLW February Update

This month fitness wise I've done quite well I've started to do a Davina dvd and I've been getting up early each morning to do a quick 20 minutes routine. But i've been struggling with my eating habits still as I have a good few days before slipping up and having something unhealthy so it's defiantly shown in my weigh in as well as this month being really short so it's not to good but I don't mind to much as I have made a loss!

The Davina workout dvd is great if you want to lose weight as she really pushes you but in the nicest way, I find I can't get bored as in total you get three workouts per dvd and if you mix them up you have something new each time. They are quite long at an hour each time but that is with the right warm up and a great cool down sections. I normally do one a week but at a push if I have a quiet week at work I will do two and have found myself getting a little fitter with how I feel on the inside, so I would really recommend this dvd for anyone who fancy's working out.

Weight 25.02.15 - 13 Stone 10 pounds 
Dress Size - 18

Weight loss of 4 pounds

Which is roughly a pound a week which isn't to bad, next month I'm going to really push myself and aim to loose 10 pounds to get to 13 stone, wish me luck it's going to be a tough month!!

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  1. If you can't stay away from unhealthy things, just reduce the portion size. Good luck !