Once You Go MAC You Can't Go Back

MAC is a brand I'm sure everyone has heard off, they are a upmarket high street brand that sell make up and a few skincare products with price starting from around the £10 mark. It was always a brand I was scared off as they are normally found in departments stores with the bitchy sales assistants standing there and judging you, but after finding a small branch in Oxford which I have grown to love I am now able to shop all things MAC and not have a care in the world.

I want to share with you today the products I use with my everyday make up routine in which I use the powder, foundation and concealer. I have had a lot of trouble in the past with trying to find the right shade of pale for my skin tone so after searching the high street and after many failed attempts I decided to go into the MAC counter. I came out with Studio Fix in shade NW10 which is the lightest shade of foundation in the store, it's a full coverage and long lasting foundation that I can not get enough off. It covers my blemishes and hides my skin if I'm having a bad day and I have no worries off it looking dull or coming off during the day which I love.

I also use the concealer in shade NW15 which is the lightest shade they do in concealers but I find it cover the dark circles and any massive spots nicely while being a nice creamy texture that glides nicely onto the skin., it isn't to dark and matches the foundation nicely which was my main concern when they didn't have the right matching shade. To go over the top of my foundation and concealer I use the Studio Fix powder in shade NW13 again not a matching shade to the foundation but I only use it to stop shine and to add a more matte look to my skin and it goes over the top off the foundation with no dramas so I have no problem with using a power a shade darker then my foundation.

When using the three products together I get a lovely glowing fresh make up look that I'm proud to show off, it matches my skin type (oily) well and it also blends so nicely onto my skin that I can't go wrong. The only downside is the price for all three products it's around the £70 mark which is rather a lot to spend on make up but when they work this well I can't say no. The set lasts around three months when using it daily which is great as you only need a small amount off each product a little goes a long way.

What is your go to foundation and which ones would you recommend for a pale face like mine?

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  1. I also love MAC products but not their liquid foundations ! My go-to is their Studio Fix powder and I love it so much ! :)