Hair Styles For Medium Hair

My hair is at an in between stage right now of being what I want so I thought I would share with you how I've been styling it and what I've been using to style my hair. I have thick unmanageable hair that get's oily to quick, it's a mousy blonde which no layers and no fringe atm!

To wash and condition my hair I use Dove's Daily Care 2in1 with moisture complex, as I'm quite quick in the shower and don't tend to take up to much time with washing my hair I use a 2in1 product which is great for any quick washers like me. The scent is nice and fresh and the product is thick and rich leaving me with really soft and shiny hair. After showering and before I blow dry my hair I add in some express blow dry lotion which acts as a hair serum to protect the hair from getting damaged, I use the Blow Pro one which smells really fresh and doesn't come out to sticky or leave any residue in the hair.

If I am just blow drying my hair I tend to have it in a ponytail or bun which is a really quick and fast way to get ready so I normally style this out for work or when I'm in a rush. I tend to have my ponytail a lot higher up then a standard one and will scrap back my hair so there isn't a parting which some light strands to shape my face, if I have it in a bun I have to go quite low as my hair is to thick now to scrap into a high top bun but I normally do a wrap around bun and add a nice little bow to add some cuteness to my hair.

For styling my hair down I use a mousse to add some texture to my hair as my hair tends to stay quite flat and dull when not moussed but I use the Blow Pro Body By Blow mousse and this adds the right amount of volume without making my hair sticky or to weighed down. I don't tend to straighten my hair nowadays as my hair has been damaged a lot in the past and as it's in quite good condition I am liking it just down and sort of wavy.

If I am doing a different style to my hair like a plait I normally add some texturing spray to add some texture before I style the plait before spritzing it with some hair spray to hold the style. I have been loving the Blow Pro Textstyle as it creates a lovely texture which makes it extremely easy to style any type of hair. To hold the style I've been using my TRESemme salon finish which I've been using for years and still love, I really should move on but it's got such a good hold and is so easy to brush out that I adore it.

Hopefully this post has giving you some inspiration on styling your hair and has also help some others out who are growing there hair out like me and are not sure how to style it. Let me know your favorite hair product to use in the comments below.

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