February Favorites 2015

This month has been a bit of a pamper month and I've been doing loads of at home spa days and having a really relaxed month. A lot of the beauty products are quite basic and I've been loving a lot more of none beauty related items so it's a bit of a mixed bag this month, enjoy!

Candles have been a bit hit this month as it's been quite a cold one I've been lighting and using up loads of my Yankee Candles which I adore I have re brought Orange Splash quite a few times already and I've nearly burnt my latest one. I've been really enjoying citrus and berry scent which are reminding me off autumn with hints of spring, I also find them really relaxing and quite nice to burn in the evening to fill my room with a lovely scent before drifting off to sleep.

Body butter has been a bit must for this month as my skin has been so sensitive and dry that I've had to use it pretty much every night before going to bed, I prefer using it in the evening as it's easier to put clothes on as I normally wear pj's and I find it relaxes me and makes me quite sleepy. I always go for a really strong scented one like The Body Shop's Satsuma or H&M's Pink Macaroon which are really sweet and strong scented products which have helped me loads over the last month when my skin has been far to dry.

I have been over wearing my lip balms this month as my lips have had the same affect as my legs and have gone all dry and sore, so I have opted with a really basic but great lip balm Nivea Essential Care. I picked this up after forgetting my own at home and placed it into my bag and after that it has been used all day and none stop as it works really well to help soothe lips and make them look kissable again.

Vaseline Healthy Hands and Stronger Nails Cream has been my lifesaver this last month as it's a great handbag friendly sized product that I put into my bag and use each morning when going to work but it helps my hand stay nice and protected again the horrid dry cold weather by leaving them soft and nourished they look lovely. I haven't noticed an improvement in my nails but they haven't been bad over the last month so I couldn't really test that part out with the product, but it has a lovely scent and soaks in nicely.

Lastly I have been loving some headphones as I broke my headphones earlier in the month I went into HMV and found a great pair which are perfect for anyone who wants in ear headphones. They are a great purple colour which matches my ipod and has a really long wire with a cute gold tip, I added the little clip but they work really well. The in ear buds seem to fit really snuggle and don't fall out they also seem to block out any noise which I really like, but best off all there only £5.99 which is a great price to pay! They are called sqsh+ and I would really recommend them to anyone who loves in ear buds!

So that's it for my favorites what have you been loving this month?

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