Book Review - Chris Pavone 'The Accident'

I am a massive fan of thriller and crime books and have recently read one from the author Chris Pavone so thought today I would share with you what I thought and try pursued you to buy it!

The story line is easy to follow and you are introduced to likable characters from the beginning, however I wouldn't get to attached as they do die off pretty quickly! It follows several characters and jumps from there point of view to another throughout the book, leaving you with cliffhangers for each character throughout. I found the book kept me wanting to read on and get to the end of the book as soon as I could just to find out the truth and what has happened, which is always a great thing with a book as you don't want to read a bit and put it down as it's easy to not pick it up again but with The Accident you just can't.

Chris Pavone has written the book in a easy to read and likable way so it's not to hard to follow and get into the story, I like how he jumps from one characters to the next as the book features a lot of different people and it makes it a lot easier to follow there individual story's when they have there own chapters. He keeps the story line fresh and adds small shockers throughout which kept me wanting more which I loved with this book.

May Contain Spoilers - As you can tell by the title the book is based on a accident and follows a women who works for a book publishing company,  she is given a script to a book which is handed in anonymously, everyone who get's a copy is found to be dead or is being followed, throughout the book you are introduced to possibly authors and it's a really guessing game as to who may be behind releasing the book and who is behind the killings and not wanting the book to be published. The end is a really twist and the book kept me on the edge of my seat throughout which I loved.

Overall this is a perfect book if anyone wants a good crime/thriller read, which is captivating and easy to read. It's available from Waterstones for £7.99 in the crime section.

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