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I'm coming up to my two years on blogger and thought today I would share with you some helpful tips and advice on starting a blog or improving a current one. I'm not saying I'm the perfect blogger and I may not have the best advice but I feel the tips I have could help someone out so why not do a post.

I have a small handbag friendly planner that I keep with me on most days in case I have an idea or a blog post I would like to do. I take note and then go home and write it up which has been a lifesaver on most days as I always have such fab ideas that I then forget when I come home and it's so frustrating. Another good thing about having a planner is you can take note of what posts are coming up in order to promote and know what you have already covered that month, as you don't want to do four posts on mascara in one month it's nice to spread them out.

Bulk Writing and Bulk Photos
As I also work and blog I sometimes don't have time to do a post each day so I tend to bulk write them one day, edit and spell check the next day and then do final touches before hitting the publish button. I tend to do around 10 posts in one bulk and it helps me out loads. I also do the same with photos if I know what posts I've got coming up or I have a new product I know I shall be reviewing I tend to gather them all up and what for a day with good natural light before taking all the photos at once.

Taking Photo's in Natural Light
When taking a photo there's no denying a product in natural light looks great when a photo taking in a dark room with the flash on a camera tends to look a little false. So I always bulk the product and take them all in natural dull light, which sounds odd but if you have to much lighting it can make it hard to take a photo. So you want a clear day which not to much sunshine or to much cloud and then snap away!

Scheduling Posts
I love to feature on blogger which allows you to schedule your posts, if I know I'm going to be busy that day and I won't have enough time to publish my posts that week just hitting that button and then not having to worry or panic about having a post out on time is perfect for me. It takes a lot of panic and worry off my mind and it also helps me plan a lot better and get the posts out at the right time, as there's no point putting a tanning post out in winter but with scheduling posts you know it will go out on time.

I love to promote and get my blog out there but there is a fine line between promoting and pestering. Two years ago when I first started out I would promote, promote and promote and then a little more but after seeing my post everywhere and seeing others doing it I had a moment off thinking if it was right or not. I now promote my posts on Twitter using the hashtag bbloggers and just once a day or if there's a chat (Wednesday and Sunday 8pm) I shall do a single tweet on there about my post and I feel this is a great way to get noticed and have people interested in your posts. I also never promote my blog on others as I feel it's there work and pride and joy and if I was to come in with a follow my blog comment it would come across as being a bit of a bitch but taking an interested in someones blog commenting on there and actually reading the posts will get there attention in a much nicer way.

Post Layout
I fine a good post is one with a good layout and good structure, so not one that is all jumbled and not really talking about the right things at the right time. I have a little structure I follow and that's reason- so why am I doing the post and what is the post about, company- explain the company a little and what they are all about, product - go through the product and pro's and con's why you love it etc, and lastly purchase - where to purchase the product and where it is available to buy. I also try to end my posts with a question so it's inviting an encouraging others to comment and chat.

So there we go some snippets into creating a better blog, I hope this has helped you out in some way and if you feel I'm missing something then please let me know!

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