Battle Of The Brows

My eyebrows have always been awful and I've never had a day where I've got out of bed and looked in the mirror and thought 'wow my eyebrows look great!' as they never have. When I was younger I went through the phase of less is more and plucked and plucked till my eyebrows where thin as they could go, after a few years of this I had a woah moment and grew them out (thank goodness). But then after that they never really grew back right and with my blonde hair they were awful looking, so I dyed them. Yep you heard write I got hair dye and dyed my eyebrows but not a lovely brown shade but black. (please don't hunt me down and yell at me!). So this post is dedicated to all the eyebrow kits and pencils and gels I've tried the past few years and ones I feel would be a much better choice then dyeing your brows black and plucking till there no more!

After my horrible decision to dye them with a home kit I finally went to a professional and got them tinting which is much better then burning your brows off. I used Benefit and they were fab, they are always professional and explain everything they are doing and show you what they are using before applying it to your brows. In your appointment they also ask you about your make up routines and get to know your style of make up before shaping the brows into the right shape for your face and you, they use a ruler which may sound odd but it's get you they perfect shape and also makes sure your brows look good. I found I needed to go every month and it would cost around the £18 mark, which is good but due to work commitments and not having the time it wasn't right for me.

A product I looked at and just thought oh no, the idea of coating my brows with a gel was just a bit no go zone but after trying out one I got as a sample I was pleasantly surprised. The one I have to review today is More Brows by Model co, which is a mascara looking product with the same style brush just a lot smaller. To apply you simply stroke through the brows and create the right look and shade you want which is a simple and mess free way off getting the right brow. It was however a little tricky to get the right shape with the wand as I didn't want to get the gel all over my face but it didn't get to messy. I was also worried about it hardening and looking odd but it didn't which surprised me, they look quite natural which is great.

Finding the right pencil is quite a hard task as most places have loads now and they all claim to be the best of the best, I have Soap and Glorys Arch De Triumph which is a great chunky pencil to create a nice natural looking brow. It is double sided and has a highlighter as well as a brown pencil that are easy to use and mess free, you have to just press lightly onto the brow and in stroke like moves just brush it onto the brow then using the highlighter add some light shading to highlight and make the brow look better. I find with the one from Soap and Glory I get a really nice natural look with no dark lines that won't blend and it's extremely easy and stress free using this product.

The current product I'm using and loving in the shape and define kit from Barry M which is a kit with three cubes of product, a applicator and tweezers. You use a wax to create the right shape in the brow which is really easy to use and doesn't damage the brows or make them hard and unnatural looking. After you use the second cube of brown powder to add colour to the brows which goes on lightly and doesn't add to much colour, lastly you add a highlighter to create a really nice pop looking eyebrow that stands out and looks good. I find this is the way which suits me best and I always get a good looking brow by using this method.

I hope this post has helped you out a little and if you have any input on any of these products or any that I've missed out then please let me know!

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