At Home Spa Experience

It's no secret that I love a good pamper and when I can I have a lovely at home spa experience I jump at the chance so today I wanted to update you on what products I use and why I love to do an at home spa rather then going to a proper spa. The main reason I like home spas is that you can stay in your pj's and be all comfy rather then having to be in your costume and robe in front of loads of people you can just lounge about at home, but I also love how cheap it is as you will normally pay around £70 for a half hour treatment and then you are left to use a pool and gym, I would rather pay to stay at home and do the pamper essentials myself and the £6 swimming price to go to my local pool. But don't get me wrong when I'm in the mood I love a good spa as much as the next girl but for me at the moment it's home spas all the way!

I normally start my having a really deep and over hot bath my using one of my favorite Lush bath bombs this helps to relax me and also to open all my pores and to off course make me squeaky clean. In the bath I start with a cleanse of my face by using my cleansing stone and a face cleanser I scrub away until my face is make up and dirt free while feeling soft and pampered. Next up I like to cleanse my body so I use my scratchy gloves and use a nice body exfoliatar to cleanse my skin until really soft and healthy, at the moment I'm loving the mango one from The Body Shop as it's so strong smelling and works a treat on tired skin. Next up it's hair mask time, I tend to use my conditioner or if I have a hair mask at home I'll pop one on but I ignore the time it states on the packet and leave it on most of the time I'm in the bath, this leave my hair looking so well nourished and in great condition. Lastly I normal give my feet a scrub with a stone to remove any nasty hard skin, I use one from The Body Shop and love it as it works so well!

When I jump out of the bath I will normally paste on a lot of body butter to help my skin stay soft and nourished, I'm loving any strong scented ones at the moment as they always leave my room stinking after which is fab for me. I will apply a mask at this point to help my skin look it's best for the morning, for oily skin I find a sensitive clay mask works well and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or irritated after use. When I'm looking a little zombiefied with heavy body butter on and a face mask on I take 10 minutes to sit in a quiet room and close my eyes to just relax, sometimes I put cucumber on my eyes and other times I listen to music but I find this really relaxes me and makes me feel happy after a hard day.

After rubbing in the rest of my body butter and washing the mask off I will normally paint my nails and do a at home manicure which I find to be the perfect end to a good pamper and a perfect way to wind down. I've been loving fresh spring colours at the moment and have been having some fun painting my nails loads of new colours. When I'm feeling sleepy and relaxed I put some cream on my hand and feet before putting on some cotton socks and going to bed, this is a great way to pamper over night as in the morning my feet and hands look and feel fab.

So that's my basic pamper and at home spa experience, is there anything I'm missing out on and need to start doing let me know!
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  1. I've got the St Ives Face Scrub which is lovely. Think I need to set myself up a little spa evening at home!

    Emily x