Zoella - Creamy Madly Dreamy Body Lotion Review

One of the gift's I got this year for Christmas was the Zoella Body Lotion, it has been one of the first product I've used over the last week so I thought I would review it for you today. The Zoella beauty range has been a great hit since hitting the shops and I had to refrain myself from buying it so my mum had something to buy me for Christmas! She also picked me up a new candle and a beauty bag.

The packaging is quite British with lace and rose gold writing but then Zoe has added a bit of glam by using bright pink writing which makes it very girly and cute to own. The tube is 160ml so it's a great size meaning you get a lot of the product, it's a simple lid and is easy to hold making it easy to apply the lotion.

The scent is very much like the rest of the product a really light floral scent but this one seems to be a bit more softer and more heavenly compare to the rest of the range. It's a really light lotion which goes nicely over the skin to create a soft and luxurious texture to the skin, I found it soak in after around 10 minutes so it's not to fast soaking making it quite a nice pamper lotion.

It has added vitamin E, aloe and shea butter which means the skin get's a real pamper and it left feeling soft and nourished. It's a really nice girly and luxurious product to own as well as being great for the skin and affordable it's a perfect product to own.

The Zoella range is available in most Superdrug stores.
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  1. Ohh this sounds like such a luscious Body Lotion! ^ v ^


  2. I havnt tried the range because I really wouldn't like the scent I'm not that into floral scents. I also don't think I would wait the ten minutes for soak in time I like my moisturiser to sink in faster! But I do think zoella has done an amazing job coming out with a beauty range

    1. It does have it restrictions with the whole range being the same scent but hopefully she will bring out some more products with a new scent for others to try x