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There has been a lot of drama surrounding this book and at first I wasn't going to review it but I enjoyed it so much I decided I shall. The book is based on the ideas and characters by Zoe Sugg but she had help writing it by Siobhan Curham, this came to light in a recent tweet before the news decided it should be posted in as many online stories as possibly. For me I feel the book deserve create for being such a great and helpful read that's why I have decided to review it.

From right at the start of the book you are introduce to likable characters all with great story lines and all of which have a purpose in the book. The writing is very basic so it is aimed at teens but some adults may get enjoyment out of reading it, I enjoyed it as it explained about stress and anxiety which made me see myself in the book. The plot thickens throughout the book almost forcing you to read on and see what happens next, it also stays strong throughout the book making it easy to not get distracted and also not having to many story lines which can get confusing.

As mentioned it's main focus is stress and anxiety focusing on school and on a trauma which most people can relate to. I love how it gave out tips and a detailed description on anxiety and I also love how it states it's normal and doesn't stress it to be odd, which I feel most people look at anxiety in that way when it actually fact it very common.

As the story line is base on Zoe's ideas it has a lot of local information in the book as well as some great hot spots in Brighton and New York which I liked a lot as you can visit the areas and the shops mentioned making the book seem more special in a way. It also gives some great travel advise as well for anyone who likes to travel!

Overall I loved the book and hopefully my review will get you to purchase it, not over who wrote it but because it's such a great read!

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  1. I recently bought her book, but I haven't been able to read it yet.
    I think it's such a shame that it came into the media like this, all the negativity about her not writing her book herself. She never said that she was an author, a writer... She always stated that she had an idea for a book and it's normal for her to work together with an actual writer, to help her write the book. I'm sure if you saw some of her vlogs, she worked so hard on the book, and she did write the first draft herself. Obviously, if you're not a writer, it needs to be corrected by people who know better how people like to read the story. I think it's a hell of a lot underrated how much effort she put into it. Luckily all her viewers/subscribers support her a lot and are very excited for her.

    Lots of love,


    1. I know i 100% agree! I saw her vlogs and how excited she was and it must off been really hard to have to deal with that much negativity xx

  2. I enjoyed this book and can see it being very helpful for young teens especially.
    I just wish they had put Siobhan's name on the cover of the book too. That way there wouldn't have been any drama, the book was by Zoe AND Siobhan - having it straight up out there would have saved a lot of drama and then people could concentrate on the actual book, not the drama behind it >.<

    Juyey xx

    1. It would of been a lot better and would of been dealt with better as well if she had included the book! Hopefully there will be another one and Zoe will be 100% honest with who wrote it or who help her write it xx