Weight Loss Wednesday - January Update

This month has been a bit of a fail month as I went off the dieting bandwagon and almost failed all the little tasks and achievements I wanted to achieve. So it's not really a month to be proud of if I'm 100% honest but I shall fill you in on all the details!

I started the month off by finishing all the Christmas chocolate and treats off which meant my diet didn't start until two weeks into January and instead of going onto Slimfast I went onto a normal diet instead. Meaning my body never really had a detox and it was easy to slip up and snack on unhealthy food, but last minute on around the 17th I started Slimfast and saw a great change straight away with my bloating going down and my face looking slimmer at the end of the month.

I was meant to be working out but I did purchase a new exercise dvd meaning I know have two Davina dvds instead of one but I haven't used them yet! Which is really bad I know but I have been doing some toning exercises so hopefully it won't effect me to much by not working out.

Now for the dreaded weigh in, I was expecting to much of a loss this month as hadn't really tried but here you go:

Weight 28.01.15 - 14 Stone
Dress Size - 18

Weight Loss of 5 pounds

For February I shall be continuing the Slimfast shakes and I shall be attempting my Davina workout dvds and shall hopefully see a change pretty soon!

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  1. That's a fab loss if you haven't really given it your all this month well done!