Starting A Scrapbook

Not a beauty post for you today but something I would like to share with you, I have started a scrapbook. It's no secret that the currant top beauty bloggers have all started to created scrapbook's and I thought it would be a brilliant idea and couldn't wait to begin. On a recent shopping trip I picked up all the basic pieces in order to create a scrapbook and love all the items I have purchase.

The book itself is a simple brown paper paged book with a lovely hot pink flower and bird design on the front and the back off the book. It fastens on the side with a hot pink ribbon and is quite a large book with around 200 pages in. It cost only £10 which I think is a great price to pay and it's available from Paperchase in store or online.

Also from Paperchase I picked up some washi tapes which I shall be using to tape in pictures and quotes and I shall also be writing little messages on the paper in order to store the memory. I picked up two grey flower design tapes which I shall be using to line my pictures and hold them in place and then I also picked up a pale pink design with a very faint flower design on which I shall use to write the messages on. These were all £3 each which is a little pricey to pay but they are lovely designs. I have also seen some lovely washi tape in Waterstones for around £3.99 for a pack off six.

While in Primark I came across some sticky notes which I thought would look great to add little notes throughout to book, I shall be using them to add quotes or to talk about a particular memory that won't fit on the washi tape. The set was only 50p in the sale and comes with a great range of all different sized paper notes, which are extremely handed when it comes to adding messages!

To add a little bit of a cute factor to the book I shall be adding stickers to odd pages and at the moment I have some from Paperchase which were in the sale at 75p. I picked up some lovely cat ones which are in the gel texture so are a little thicker then most stickers but I just thought it would be nice to throughout the book add different stickers so I shall be picking some more up when I get a chance.

Lastly I shall be adding pictures and postcards to the book which I find nice and that make me happy, as the main reason behind the book for me is to be able to pick it up and flick through when I feel low or upset and to be able to use my past experiences and happy memories in order to get me through my present worries and woes.

If you have begun a scrapbook let me know what you shall be including in yours and also let me know if you think it is a good idea or not!

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