Nutriganics Smoothing Mask Review

I'm still yet to find the right face mask for me so I went on the hunt just before I started Christmas shopping and came across one from The Body Shop Nutriganics range. It's a simple smoothing face mask made for people who are showing the first signs of ageing, which I know I'm only 23 and i'm not showing any signs of ageing yer but I thought it was a great mask to go for after taking a small sample and testing it out it seems to work well for my skin type.

It has a nice simple plain scent almost quite Earthy with small hints of herbs which I liked a lot as I'm not a fan of strong scented products. As it has a nice relaxing plain scent it makes it quite relaxing to use and almost soothed me into a nice relaxing pampered mood, it also helped to clear my head and as it's quite a cold soothing texture my skin felt amazing.

To use the product it was nice and simple, you just apply it to clean skin and leave on for 10 minutes before cleansing off. I find it goes on quite thick and paste like and it means it sinks in a little bit and add's a lovely moistured feel to the skin but means it stays working throughout the full 10 minutes and doesn't sink it all the way.

My skin after felt and looked glowing, the product has worked wonders on making my skin look fresher. I doesn't say how often you should use the product but I use it twice a week and find it works well at keeping my skin looking fresher and brighter.

The Body Shop do a great range off Against Animal Cruelty products and this mask has no parabens or silicones which is great and it also has 98% of ingredients from a natural origin. The mask is £16 and comes in a 100ml plastic pot and lasts for 12 months, you can purchase it online or in stores!

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  1. Ohh this looks like such a clean and fresh Mask! ^ ^