My Three Favorite Beauty Brands

Today post is going to be a look at my three favorite beauty brands and a lot at my favorite products and why I love them, I'm going to get started with Lush!

It's no secret I'm a massive fan of Lush and the fact there a vegan company is just brill, I love how they are so positive and always look out the product animals. I wear my little Lush badge with pride and will always sign a petition they have on the go as it's such a respectable brand you can't go wrong to support them. They are always creating new products and coming out with more to make me go wow, and some of there classics are adored by me. I especially love Bright Side and Fizzbanger and will always reach for these two when I'm out and about shopping. The brand is perfect for any bath lover and they will always have a product in mind if you have no idea off what you are looking for.

The Body Shop
I will always be found mooching through the stock at The Body Shop as it's my go to place to visit if I am in need of a pamper or some advise on how to deal with a new breakout or problem I have with my skin. Again another vegan friendly brand they have a great reputation in being animal friendly and providing great products. My favorite products to pick up here are there face masks as they always have ones to suit any problem I have with my skin and they always have a new one out that I can't wait to try.

I have tried in the past to not fall in love with MAC as a brand as I don't really agree with there price tags or the fact there not animal friendly but I always find myself going back there. The make up is great from MAC and there foundation is the perfect match for me so I find myself in there every few months picking up my foundation. But the most talked about products from the store has to be there lipsticks and I have an ever growing range of there lipsticks and will always find one to go with my outfit or look there rather fab!

So those are my top three make up brand that I love and adore, please let me know in the comments what brands you love and adore!

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  1. Lush and The Body Shop are two of my favourite brands too! ^ ^