January Haul 2015

Today I visited Oxford and did quite a big shop so I decided to post a haul for you! I visited Paperchase, Lush, Waterstones, HMV and Primark and got a few goodies so enjoy!

Lush have just brought out there Valentines range and I purchase 4 of the items from the range, firstly I picked up one called Floating Flower for £3.50 this is a very retro looking bath bomb with some really nice wild flower scent to it which fills the room, next up I picked up Lonely Heart for £3.50 which is a lovely little heart covered in thick glitter which is a lovely added effect, Heart Throb comes next at £3.65 which is two heart shaped bubbleroon pieces sandwiched together with some glitter, Lastly there's Unicorn for £3.25 the best bubble bar I have seen in Lush as it reminds me of My Little Pony with some lovely added stars!

I thought I would jump on the scrapbook making bandwagon and went into Paperchase to see what I could find, I came out with some lovely bits that I adore quite a lot. My scrapbook is a simply brown page design with a lovely purple floral design and at only £10 it's quite a bargain, To sellotape the pictures and memories to the book I brought two rolls of tape to add a nice effect to the book and to add some words I brought some washi tape as it easy to write on all three tapes cost £3 each. Lastly I picked up some amazing cat stickers for only 75p in the sale and can't wait to add them to a few pages!

As you know by now I'm off to New York this year so I stopped by the pick up some pop out maps and came away with two designs the one has added pages on what to do in New York and has some great tips for when your out and about that one is £6.99 and the other smaller and more compact one is just a simply map of New York cost only £3.99, I also picked up a new crime book which was recommended to me called 'The Accident' by Chris Pavone I've already began reading the book and already love it as it's so gripping and such a good read.

At the moment I can't get enough of American Tv Shows so I've added a new one to my collection in the form of 'Bates Motel' based on the film Psycho which is one of my favorites. I thought I would enjoy the series as I loved the film a lot so I can't wait to watch it and at only £19.99 it was a great bargain!

I picked up some basic t-shirt this week as I needed some for work and lounging about the house so I went for a long sleeved stripey top £3.50 and a simple black t-shirt £2.80. I also picked up some cute magnets in the sale at only 50p i'm not sure what I will do with them but there are pretty cute, I also got a travel adapter for New York at only £1.50 which is a great bargain as in most stores they charge quite a lot for a simply plug, to go with my scrapbook I picked up some sticky notes again in the sale at 50p as I thought they would look nice with little quotes and sayings on them. Lastly I picked up a lovely PJ set for £8.50 with a simple cream top but lovely bottoms I couldn't say no!

I hope you enjoyed this haul, if you have a new haul post please leave it below in the comments I would love to take a look!

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