It's Been An Fun Filled Month

This month has had it's ups and downs and as promise I shall be giving you a little lifestyle post just to update you and to help you get to know me better, so here goes my second ever lifestyle post!

At the start of the month I handed in my notice and said goodbye to an awful company, I only lasted 3 months in which I broke down a handful of times and dreaded going into work. I can't name names and they will more then likely see this and try to sue me but it's a well known travel bureau, oh and writing this reminds me they still have my passport and I still need to visit the police!
But after all the drama I have started to work for a lovely company and already feel like a part of the team, they have welcomed me nicely and have been ever so supported over my recent dramas and I couldn't be happier so it's all looking up!

I visited my sister for the week and had a great time, we went back and visited Birdworld which is a fantastic place to go to if you like wildlife and farms. I have been twice now and have enjoyed it both times, I could easily go back and visit again. They have a mixture of birds as well as penguins, they have a farm with free running animals and they also have an underwater world if you like fish!

I've been doing loads of work on my scrapbook and I'm loving getting creative with it using quotes and photos as well as sticking in the odd postcard. I can see why this would get addictive and why people start them as they are really relaxing and fun to do. I use a website to print off some Instagram photo's which have come out well so I'm pleased to be filling the pages off my scrapbook quickly.

I re watched the Fault In Our Stars the other day as I brought it on dvd, the first time I watched it was in the cinema where I broke down and cried like a baby so it was nice to re watch it at home where I wasn't anxious as to who was watching. But I shall be re reading the book soon as it's so beautifully written and told as it must of been hard to write about such a difficult subject, if you haven't read or seen it yet I would highly recommended it but you have been warned take some tissues!

So that's it for this week I shall speak to you soon but do enjoy the next few reviews, if you have done a post like this then please leave it below in the comment's  I would love to read it.

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