I'm Crazy For Blow Pro!

Blow Pro is a brand I discovered a while ago when I was given a sample of there shampoo and I must admit when I used it I loved it but sort of forgot about the product meaning I never really brought it again.Until I wondered through the Superdrug sale and came across the selection of Blow Pro products for just £1.99 which is a massive bargain as there normally £7.99!

I picked up Ready Set Blow which is a serum to help protect your hair when blow drying as well as taming frizz, static and flyaway hair it also plumps the hair to add volume. So it's an all round great product to use with a simple to use 118 ml tube and simple instructions you can't really go wrong. The scent is quite natural with a slight soap scent and the texture is an odd sticky liquid which you only need a small amount in order to protect the hair. The product works really well giving me great healthy looking hair which is fuller and looks shiny with no tangles or flyaway hair in sight.

Next up is Body By Blow which is a hair mouse to give you amazing body and volume to the hair, it's in a slick looking purple 142g can which looks good out on the shelf. It's extremely easy to use and also quite fun as you just need to shake the can hold it upside down and spray a small golf ball sized amount of product out. It went into my hair easily and didn't make a mess which I really liked, the scent is the same as the serum but a little sweeter which I found quite nice. It worked really well in achieving great thick fuller hair which lasted all day as well.

Last up is Textstyle a texturising dry spray which comes in a funky green can looking great next to the purple one. This product is to add texture and to hold hair styles, it has the same scent as the other products and again works really well. I used it to add some texture to my everyday hair and it worked nicely making me have styled bed hair, I also added a small spritz to hold a hair style and it worked really well as my hair didn't budge all night. Overall it's a great spray to own and works wonders on my thick and unmanageable hair.

I love this range of hair product and can't recommend them enough! If you are quick enough you can find them in Superdrug for just £1.99 still, well that's if I haven't brought them all yet!

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  1. I'm always looking for new hair products to try and this review has definitely made me want to try these! Wanted to ask, does the Textstyle dry spray leave your hair kind of "crunchy" or sticky? y'know that way that sometimes strong hair sprays leave your hair? That's always a deal breaker for me when it comes to hair products. Also love your blog x

    1. I find with the Textstyle spray it leaves the hair feeling a little weigh down but doesn't give it any stickyness or crunchy textures to the hair, thanks x

  2. I haven`t heard of this brand until now,
    but the way you described it, it looks great :)


    1. It's a great brand if you can get your hands on it! I haven't seen it in stores for a while now =[ xx