Colab Dry Shampoo - New York

My hair drawer at the moment seems to be overflowing with products that I used and love daily but one in particular has been catching my eye all week and I've been loving it, that product has been the Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends Dry Shampoo. A while ago I picked up the mini version in the scent New York and as I'm about the run out of the product I thought I would give it a review.

The design of the bottle is rather fashionable with a bright coloured lid and simple black writing it's a minimal yet eye catching product. It comes in a tinned compressed bottle and has an easy to use spray nozzle, coming in two sizes a dinky 50 ml and a giant 200 ml bottle you can't go wrong.

The scent for New York is fruity with hints of Apple and Melon this is a rather uplifting and fresh scented dry shampoo with an even better effect on the hair. It sprays out a light spritz of product which doesn't leave the chalky white effect like most dry shampoos and goes on to the hair with a sheer invisible effect making it easy to style and fun to use. The dry shampoo is there to absorb the oils in the hair and leave your hair looking fresh and clean.

I found it lifted my hair and made it look fresh and washed after a hard day which impressed me a lot, it went onto my thick hair in a soft and easy to manage way making it easy for me to style and made it easy to use. The scent was lovely and uplifting and lasted all day which was great and it makes it nicer to use if you fancy just adding a nice scent to the hair you can!

To pick up the product it's only £1.99 in Superdrug and is available in 5 different scents.

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  1. Mine ran out rather quickly. I had the Rose scent. I like it a lot though, the quality is the best I've tried so far! x

    1. I know it such a lovely product but the mini's do run out so quickly! I shall hopefully be getting a full sized one soon xx