A Change For My Blog

I feel like a small change to my blog it's nothing major but I feel like all I ever do is post product reviews and not many people know me or my personality doesn't really shine through in my posts. So the big change for 2015 and for my blog is I shall be doing some more chatty lifestyle posts, I'll just be seeing how well it goes and seeing how I feel writing them but I think it will help you all get to know me a bit better and will be a nice change for my blog. I shall aim to do at least two posts a month as sometimes my life is pretty dull and I wouldn't want to bore you! But here goes:

At the moment the big deal in my life is the fact I'm going to New York in September 2015, it's been my big dream all my teen years and into my adult life to go and explore New York City and I'm so happy to have booked my trip. I'm going to be traveling with an airline called Norwegian Air which is a budget company but still offers great service and at only £500 I can't complain about my flight. For my accommodation I've got down the lines of a private room in a hostel which is only costing me £350 for the whole week which is a great bargain, I've gone for the hostel called Morningside Inn which has some great reviews. It all seems so unreal at the moment and it still feels like a dream to me that I'm actually going to New York, I know it sounds odd for others who have the money to travel at there leisure but for me this is a pretty big deal!

I've been doing some big changes to my routines for beauty and everyday, I feel like I'm still haven't found a good evening and morning routine with my cleansing and moisturising so I have been trying out new products and trying out old products to see which one works well with my skin tone. I have always been a Simple girl at heart but recently my skin has been behaving awfully and I need a bit of a change up I think so if you have any suggestions for oily skin please let me know and let me know your favorite products to use day and night. For everyday my major change has been my diet and trying to get fitter as I've been eating more healthy and trying to exercise more it's been a bit of a struggle trying to change my routine about, instead of sitting on my laptop in the evenings I've been attempting to do some exercises which have been quite fun!

I'm on a dating website! I signed up to POF (Plenty of fish) a few years ago but never really used it but I have started to use it more in order to try and find a date and it's been going quite well, there are a few odd ones on there but for every weirdo there's a nice guy! As I'm 23 and I've been single for a few years now I've decided I really need to try and find someone to date and I may even come across the man of my dreams, you never know!

That's it for this post let me know if you liked this style of post as it's still early works and if it doesn't go down well I can always not do another one!
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  1. Wonderful post, excited to read your renewed post,
    surely they will be interesting,
    have fun in New York,
    happy new year :)


    1. Thank you! Hope you have a great New Year x