Nuxe 24hour Soothing and Rehydrating Mask

I'm still attempting to get my evening routine perfect and was excited to find a Nuxe product in the recent Glossybox. The product is a 24 hour soothing and rehydrating fresh mask which de-thirsts and relaxes the face and eye contouring area, which sounds pretty impressive so I was happy to give it a whirl and after using it for around 2 months now I feel it's worth a review!

The mask has a really nice strong wild flower scent to it which is quite relaxing to use in the evening before bed and I tend to find it makes me relaxed and sleepy. The product is like a thick moisturiser and goes on quite thick, as it is like a moisturiser it has the feel to it when applied to the skin but I found after 10 minutes it was still there. After 10 minutes you are suppose to either dab it into the skin off use a cotton pad with tonic cleansing water on to remove it.

I dabbed it into my skin and then left it on over night, it felt odd like my face was quite oily and had a thick layer of mask still on which at first was hard to get used to. But after a few uses around 3 per week I have found that I'm now use to the feeling and it doesn't feel to odd now.

My skin after a week use looked amazing it had a nice healthy glow to it and looked brighter which I loved though, and still to this day after 2 months off using the product my skin looks great. The product is now running out for me and after a quick look in Space NK the price for another new tube is £17.50 which for me it quite pricey to pay.

This product is a great one to buy if you feel you need to refresh your look and create a nice healthy glow to the face, although you will need a spare £17.50 every 2-3 months! You can purchase the product from the Nuxe website by clicking here .

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