Lush Snow Angel Review

This rather gorgeous bath melt has most defiantly won my heart this year from the Christmas range, it cost only £3.95 and I would really recommend it if you can still get your hands on one!

It's a bath melt so instead of fizzing or being crumbled into the water you just have to place it into the water and allow it to melt away, which means it was a very slow and pampering product which took it's time in working it's magic.

The top half of the product was a lovely white snow angel with a shimmer of glitter and then the bottom off was a thick layer of gold which swirled around the bath to create a lovely shimmery pool of glitter. The scent of the product was a really light floral scent but it almost didn't have one as it kind of picked up all the scents of the other products.

It had a lot of conditioning and soothing ingredients which meant my skin felt and looked amazing after using the bath melt. I also had a lovely shimmer of gold which lasted all day on my skin meaning I look really festive which I loved. This is 100% a soothing and pamper bath melt from Lush so I would recommend it to anyone who wants a pamper rather then a fun bath, but if you can gets your hands on it then it's 100% worth it!

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  1. Ohh I have not tried this Bath Melt yet~ ^ ^
    But I love how it makes the bath water look! ^ - ^

    1. It such a lovely bath melt, it's so pretty and works wonders on the skin x

  2. Wonderful review,
    it looks great :)