Lush Christmas Hedgehog Review

I was after a pick me up so I ran myself a bath and went for a bath product that I knew was soothing and a real pamper product, cue Christmas Hedgehog. This small little white and blue hedgehog is small and cute but also very soothing and works wonders for anyone needed a pamper or pick me up.

It was £3.25 from the Lush Christmas range which may still be available at some stores and online, it's a bubble bar so it needed to be crumbled under the water but it is also full off a lot of soothing essentials oils as well as some great shea and cooca butter in order to really pamper the skin.

The smell was odd as it had a nice rose fresh scent to it as well as a soapy scent which grew on me as I got in the bath, the bubbles were quite small with this product so you didn't get enough to go throughout the whole bath but they still floated about the bath nicely and did last a good hour or to. The water went quite a nice aqua blue colour and had a little bit of a shimmer to it which was a lovely extra to the product.

The bubble bar left me really soft and gave me skin a really nice feel to it as well as leaving me smelling off the subtle rose scent. I could feel a big difference to my skin and it was a much needed boost to my skin in order to get it back to being healthy looking. I would recommend this product to anyone wanted a nice pamper but not someone who wants a fun uplifting bath product.

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  1. Omg I love how cute it looks! Sometimes the best Lush products are the ones that don't have all the explosive colours and madness, must try this out :)

    1. I wish I had picked up a few more to use as it was such a lovely product x

  2. I have this Hedgehog too~ ^ w ^
    He is such a cutie! ^ u ^