EOS Coconut Lip Balm

Another item from the box swap I got was the EOS Lip Balm in the scent Coconut, EOS is a brand I love and always reach for there lip balms if I'm having a bad lip day. I've tried the dupe cube lip balms from the brand Balmi in the past and even though I love the product the packaging always annoyed me, so I was really excited to see the original one with a different and much better packaging.

The packaging is an adorable light and dark pink in stripes which is nice and girly and instead of being a cube it's a oval instead making is easier to use and hold. My main trouble with the cube ones is I could never get the lid of properly and would ruin the product but with the oval one I can which has really impressed me.

The scent of the product is lovely it's a really strong coconut which smells lovely, it's not to overpowering but is strong enough to make you keep going back for one last sniff. The lip balm goes on well and is easy to smooth into the lips without leaving to much of a sticky residue or without leaving to much of a shine, with is always a plus.

It works really well for a lip balm and the packaging is extremely cute, it is an American branded product but I've been seeing the dupe for the product a lot in the UK called Balmi which is a cube version off the EOS balm and is around the £5 mark at Boots.

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  1. Ohh I love this Lip Balm~ :3
    It smells lovely! C: