Christmas Wishlist!

I thought I would share with you today all the item's I'm lusting over and would love to receive this Christmas, most of them I will probably buy after Christmas in the sales but some of them I've already wrote on a list so fingers crossed I get them. I hope you enjoy this post as it's one I've been reading loads off as I love reading other peoples wish lists!

Zoe Sugg and Pointless Blog Books
I've been following the two Youtubers for a while now and feel quite proud to see them getting so far in there Youtube career so when I heard about there books I thought it would be a lovely gift to get so I could support and also read what they have created. I can't wait to read Zoella's book as I've written one myself growing up so I would love to see her style of writing knowing she would of started like me. And of course I can't wait to draw and finish off the book Alfie has created I always find those style off books to be great coffee table books.

MAC Lipsticks
I've only got a small collection of MAC lipsticks and would love to add to it, as I'm very rarely shopping nowadays I've not been given to chance to check out some off the lines, so I've missed out on the Rocky Horror set and I'm also never able to take a look at the lipsticks anymore which was one of my favorite things to do when shopping. But for a while now I've been wanting Ruby Woo and Lady Danger so hopefully I will get some new ones this year.

American Horror Story and The Walking Dead
I'm so behind on the whole craze about these two boxsets so I've added them to my list in the hope to be able to catch up and join in on some of the juicy chats about the shows. I started watching The Walking Dead but after series one freeview decided that was that so I would love to finish the series. American Horror Story has been all over my social media sites and I can't wait to get into it as it seems like a great show!

Lush Gift Sets
This year I've had quite a few people ask me for some Lush gifts so while i've been shopping for them I seem to have forgotten myself so I'm hoping someone has taken note and has picked me up some goodies! I especially love the Snow Fairy scent as it's such an uplifting and girly scent that seems to fill my room and leave me all glittery which I love.

So that's it for my small Christmas wish list if you have done a post then leave it below for me to take a mooch out and look out for Friday's post which will be all about my Christmas decor this year!

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