Christmas Tag!

I've seen this tag floating about so thought I would give it ago, it almost time for Christmas and I'm slowly getting prepared after dealing with a horrid cold and not wanted to spend any time outside I'm excited to go shopping and experience some Christmas markets.

Favorite Christmas movie?
That would be Black Christmas, not your most traditional Christmas movie but one I love to watch. It's a horror and scare film but it's based around Christmas and has some jolly music throughout between the killing of course!

Favorite Christmas colour?
This year for me it's all about the glitter! I can not get enough off painting my nails glittery and decorating everything with bits of glitter. So I've been teaming it a lot with mostly red so I would say glitter and red!

Do you stay in your pj's or dress up for Christmas?
As I know there will be a lot of photo's being taken I tend to dress up for Christmas, in the morning I will slouched about in my pj's but for the meal it's all about dressing up!

Do you have any Christmas traditions?
We tend to do the same each year but I wouldn't say we have any traditions as we are open to change things.

Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
It's always the morning for us, as I'm working Christmas eve I shall be to tired to open presents and I find celebrating over the whole day is more enjoyable.

Have you ever built a gingerbread house?
I've never built one but have brought one and ate it! I would love to make one as I love cooking

What do you like to do on your Christmas break?
I don't really have one as I work in retail and have to work pretty much every day apart from Christmas Day!

What's top on your Christmas list?
This year it's American Horror Story and The Walking Dead dvds as well as the Zoella and Pointless Blog books

Favorite Christmas smell?
That would be citrus and orange for me but that's my favorite scent all year round!

Favorite Christmas meal or treat?
I love gammon and crispy potatoes at Christmas! and for a treat I'm a massive savory fan so love pigs in blankets!

I hope you liked this tag if you do don't forget to do it yourself and then let me know below so I can see your answers!

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