Christmas Nails! Glitter Overload

This year all I can think about is having glittery nails for Christmas, normally I would reach for a red or a green or even attempt to do a cute design but this year all I want is glitter. So I thought I would go through my top 5 glitter nail varnishes which are all high street friendly.

Orly - Hair Band
An odd name for a nail varnish but it's one of my favorites and it's always the first one I reach for, it's a lovely gold glitter which goes on lightly to create a simply shimmer of gold glitter. It looks really nice in the right light and add a nice subtle effect to any outfit.

Technic - Ruby Slippers 
This shimmery red is perfect over a nice berry red polish but also looks cute and girly on it's own. It add some lovely colour to any nail but also looks nice when worn with a plain outfit to add some sparkle.

One Direction - Little Things
This nail varnish is fab for a quick on the go shimmery glitter as you only need one coat and you are good to go. It add's a really nice subtle glitter but is more like a metallic paint which looks really impressive in photos and for adding some sparkle to an outfit.

Mavala - Pure Diamond
This is very much like the Orly polish but it's a nice silver glitter instead of a gold, it goes on nicely and has a lovely shimmer effect in certain lights. It took me a while to actually like this product as i'm not a fan of silver glitter but after a few wears is really grown on me!

Barry M - Pink Sapphire Glitter
This product is much more then a glitter it's a little bit of a party in a bottle which a lot more going on then just glitter is has more of a sequin effect which I love to place over other nail varnish in order to get a lovely party effect on my nails!

I hope you liked this blog post if you have done any nail art posts please leave them below for me to have a mooch at!

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