Zoya Neve Nail Varnish

My first ever polish from the brand Zoya and I must say it's one of my favorite nail varnish's in my collection, mainly due to the colour and the look of the polish on the nails. I got this polish in a recent box swap so I'm not sure on prices or where to get the product from, but if anyone knows where to get the range from then let me know!

The shade is from the Satin and Cashmere range so it's a nice glittery and glossy shade which I like a lot, the overall colour you get is a really deep blue with subtle hints of purple. In certain lights my nails looked quite purple and then in others they looks like a denim blue which I loved a lot. The shade got a lot of compliments from people and the glittery effect looked lovely in the certain lights.

The polish lasted on my nails for around 3 days which isn't to long for a polish as it did start to chip of day one but as it's such a nice shade I don't mind one bit. The small bottle is the perfect size to add to my collection and it's simple design looks nice among the other nail polishes with a really nice simple silver logo and plain bottle it's quite a nice chic design.

If anyone knows of any dupes or any store that stock Zoya let me know as I would love to view the rest of the collection!

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