The Body Shop Satsuma Hand Cream

As you may all be aware now my favorite scent is orange/citrus and I adore any products with the scent and will most buy or own them. While I was Christmas shopping in The Body Shop I came across there Satsuma Hand Cream and of course picked up the little tube of joy!

The scent is really strong and once smoothed onto my hands it tends to linger and stay smelling really strong for a good hour or two which I love. It smooths into the hands with no troubles and sinks in nicely leaving you with soft pampered hands with no sticky residue. I always love the handy tubes as they are the perfect handbag sized tubes that fit into any sized bag, they always seems easier to use as well as you just need to squeeze the tube a little to get a small pea sized blob of cream which is enough to cover my hands nicely.

The 30ml tube is available in stores or online for £3.50 which is a perfect price to pay for such a lovely scented hand cream!

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  1. Orange is my favourite smell and taste ever, I always go for the orange flavours! I have this in Vanilla Brulee, but it's nearly run out so I think I'll get this next :)

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    1. Oh I didn't see the Vanilla Brulee one I'll have to take a look! xx